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Mobile Marketing Strategy: Complete Guide

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Can you imagine a day without your smartphone? Feeling terrified!? It’s okay to feel that. About 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide will possibly share your fear. That is why implementing a mobile marketing strategy is essential. But looking a little while back to the past, we can surprisingly spot that people lived a happy life without checking their smartphones once every 12 minutes.

Gone are the days. Mobile devices have deeply integrated into our daily lives and affected them significantly. It disrupted the way we engage with brands, as well. Now, businesses have to adapt their marketing strategies to mobile devices to stay competitive.

“Go mobile or die” slogan precisely describes the importance of mobile ads for businesses to succeed in this mobile-driven era. Just consider the fact that your customers are already on mobile, so the mobile-first strategy should be your top priority. Besides, studies show that people regard brands that have a good mobile presence more reliable and prestigious.

So, regardless of the business size, accept the change, adapt to it, and go with the flow. It’s time to let the ball rolling and level-up your marketing with a mobile marketing plan to reach your customers on the go and increase revenue. But first, let’s hunt through the mobile marketing fundamentals to better understand how to leverage it.

What is a Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Mobile marketing is a vital part of the digital marketing strategy. It aims to reach out to the target audience on their mobile devices through SMS, MMS, mobile websites, ads, apps, and social media. Simply put, mobile ad strategy is the art of sharing your brand via mobile-optimized websites, apps, and other mobile channels to appeal to mobile device users.

Generally, SMS marketing ads provide  98% open and 45% conversion rates. This makes mobile marketing planning a highly important and effective factor for customer engagement and the rapid growth of a business. Mobile marketing serves a safe bet for marketers to deliver targeted messages, deploy ads based on AI data and effectively engage with a large number of audiences. Marketers take advantage of the time we spend on mobile devices. They develop high-quality mobile digital marketing strategies optimized for mobile users to be at every touchpoint of customers.

Mobile Content Marketing Strategy

Taking into account the tremendous number of people choosing to go online by mobile devices, developing a proper mobile content marketing strategy becomes a must for every business. Here is a data-proven statistics that confirm the need for the content marketing strategy for every business.

  • 57% of consumers claimed that a business with a poorly designed mobile website is not likely to be recommended. (Source)
  • A good mobile experience improves the opinion of a brand: 61% of the surveyed people. (Source)
  • 53% of visitors leave your mobile-optimized website if the content doesn’t load in 3 seconds or less. (Source)

Text-based content, photographs, UI design elements, mobile video are the parts of mobile content marketing. If you want to get the most of your mobile content marketing, it’s good to know how each of the components works.

Text-based Content

The golden rule of mobile-optimized content is to keep it brief, relevant and engaging. This is the case when the shorter, the better concept ideally works.


The blueprint of using images in your digital content marketing strategy is that an image tells a thousand words. Images should fit the screen size and load fast.

UI design elements

When it comes to UI, keeping it user-friendly, attractive, fast and convenient is essential.

Video Content

Videos appeal directly to the emotions of the target audience. Embedded videos are able to increase traffic by 55%.

Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Building a mobile app is one thing, optimizing it to rank high in an app store search results is another. None is easy, as both require a range of caffeine-fueled nights and profound knowledge. No matter how awesome the app you built is, there is no use of it, if it is not visible to the targeted audience. Here is when the mobile app marketing strategy comes to assistance.

App marketing plan is an unscattered cycle of increasing your app visibility, interacting with your users, converting them into loyal customers. The first step in the mentioned path is figuring out who are the potential users of your app, how to reach them and what they want from your app. An effective marketing strategy for mobile app  consists of the following stages:

  • Acquisition

This is the primary step towards starting the user’s interaction with your app. At this stage, you should “convince” the users that your app will solve their problem. The acquisition of new customers is done through social media ads, incentives in the real world, app-store listing, search advertising. To measure the success of your acquisition channels, it’s important to keep track of cost per acquisition. Finding the balance between acquisition channels is the guarantee for long-term success.

  • Interaction

Once you successfully managed to have users install your app, it’s time to “push” them into using it. According to Techcrunch 1 in 4 people removes the mobile app after first use. So, it is crucial to have a well-planned messaging strategy that boosts users to use your app. Regular push notifications, in-app messages, and conversion incentives can serve good alerts to push your customers into using your app.

  • Retention

User retention is the last important stage in mobile app marketing strategy. It is used to increase user value and encourage them to stay loyal to your app. Effective user retention strategy includes personalized messages, discounts, and coupons, updates on friends who have joined the app too, etc.

The user’s’ attention is the most precious resource nowadays. Mobiles offer compelling opportunities to catch attention. Consequently, the companies that build a well-planned mobile marketing strategy succeed in getting the attention and thus, the loyalty of the users. Let’s view on particular examples of how successful companies implement mobile marketing strategies to its best.

Amazon Mobile Marketing Strategy

Amazon was among the pioneers to early release the potential of mobile marketing. As a result, it builds an effective mobile marketing strategy and now is the leading brand in terms of mobile sales. Let’s view the 2 most important factors in Amazon’s mobile marketing planning that contributed to its success.

The first factor that greatly contributed to the success of Amazon’s mobile marketing strategy was the consistent design across mobile sites and apps. Amazon optimized its mobile platforms and apps to ensure the comfort of use. The second undeniable aspect was big and colorful mobile CTAs that caught customer’s attention immediately.

Starbucks Mobile Marketing Strategy

Starbucks is another well-known brand that managed to largely benefit from mobile marketing. How they did it? First, they came up with an innovative mobile app marketing strategy approach by implementing Mobile Order and Pay strategy. This enables users to pay in advance before picking up the actual beverage. The innovation resulted in a 10 percent increase in transactions.

The second mobile marketing strategy aimed to increase customer engagement.  Starbucks updated the app to allow playlist viewability. It allowed Starbucks visitors to save songs they hear playing in the restaurant to a playlist within the app. The examples of how world-known companies made mobile marketing planning work for their advance prove the high effectiveness of the strategy. Your company can be the next one to reap the benefits of mobile marketing strategy.

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Mobile Marketing Trends in 2020

Mobile Marketing Trends

Marketers are constantly putting efforts to discover new and profitable channels for reaching out to customers. With the increasing number of people using smartphones, mobile marketing revolutionizes the traditional ways of enticing customers and becomes a hot marketing trend. So it’s essential to know what are mobile marketing trends for successful digital marketing strategy.

Mobile devices are now an integrated part of our lives. In the decade of smartphones, the prevailing majority of people spend a full quarter of their day on their mobile devices. That’s because people prefer to access all the data on the go. So, for example, one type of mobile marketing, SMS marketing is allowing you to put marketing messages directly into the hands. This is what mobile marketing is all about.

It’s now proven that businesses adopting mobile marketing into their digital marketing strategy have better chances to rank high among customers. This gives the marketing trend-watchers a firm ground to come up with the following recommendation: go mobile or go home. But before we dive deeper into 2020 mobile marketing “adapt or die” trends, let’s take a brief journey back and see how mobile marketing thrived over the years. Here are the key trends in mobile marketing from 2015 to 2020.

Mobile Marketing Trends in 2015

Mobile Marketing Trends in 2015

Following over 25% growth of smartphone usage in 2014, mobile marketing took a long leap forward in 2015. The preceding year also was notorious for striking the number of online security branches that affected mobile users as well. Thus, the key mobile marketing trend of 2015 became security, infrastructure, and overall blocking and tackling. The second important trend was the big shift to mobile payments.

Mobile Marketing Trends in 2016

Mobile Marketing Trends in 2016

The dominance of mobile over desktop became more apparent during 2016. The biggest trend, however, was the increasing volumes of mobile ads. The global mobile advertising market surpassed $100 billion in spending and accounting for more than 50% of all digital ad expenditure in 2016.

Mobile Marketing Trends in 2017

Mobile Marketing Trends in 2017

The mobile marketing went on revolutionizing the overall digital advertising landscape In 2017 as well. Location-based marketing became the main trend of the year. Brands began the shift towards location-based marketing as it enabled them to provide relevant content based on a user’s geolocation.

Mobile Marketing Trends in 2018

Mobile Marketing Trends in 2018

The video was already a significant part of mobile marketing but it reached its peak in 2018. Parallel to the improvement of the mobile network, video consumption recorded steady growth becoming the most consumed form of content across the devices. Automatically starting videos without a sound took the mobile marketing arena that year. Starting a video marketing campaign was one of the best mobile marketing practices in 2018.

Mobile Marketing Trends in 2019

Mobile Marketing Trends in 2019 and 2020

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are the recent trends in mobile marketing right now. Big companies already use AI to understand the user’s behavior on the basis of their previous searches and recommend relevant mobile marketing ads. Augmented reality, in its turn, gives companies the ability to layer on data and computer-generated graphics on top of videos, photos, and ads.

What’s on the horizon of mobile marketing in the upcoming years?

What do you think will be the next big trend in mobile marketing in the future?

It’s all a matter of time!

Mobile search trends

Did you know that mobile devices account for over half (57%) of all organic search engine visits? Whereas, 40% of people search only on a smartphone. Google drove 95% of all US paid search ad clicks on mobile. For a better insight of mobile search current trends, let’s see the numbers below.

  • 88% of consumers who search for a local business on mobile, visit or call the company within 24 hours. (Source)
  • 3 of 4 mobile searches trigger follow-up actions.
  • 55% of conversions from mobile searches occur within an hour. While 81% of conversions take place in 5 hours. (Source)
  • The prevailing 72% of mobile searches belong to the food and beverage industry.
  • 68% of mobile searches are directed to the health industry.
  • The same percentage of searches people allocate to sports.
  • News and media, lifestyle and automobiles get over 60% mobile searches.
  • 52-56% of users search for travel and retail on mobile devices.
  • 42-48% of mobile searches account for real estate and entertainment.
  • Banking services get searched by 39% of mobile users.

Mobile video marketing trends

Nowadays, consumers hope for content that’s live, on-demand and relevant. Not surprisingly, videos are on the rise. According to Cisco, a video will make up 80 percent of all internet traffic by the end of 2019. Consequently, mobile video consumption is flourishing rapidly. Read on to learn about the latest trends in marketing with mobile.

  • Vertical video: In the mobile-centered world, vertical video rules the trend and is expected to keep growing. When the vertical video was at its peak popularity, mobile video views only accounted for around 14% of all video views. By the first quarter of 2018, that number had risen to a phenomenal 58% and it continues growing.
  • In-App Video Ads: The shift to in-app video ads is already there. Forrester’s forecasts that 78% of all mobile video advertising spend will be in-app during 2020.
  • Live Streaming Video: With Instagram Live, Facebook Live, live video streaming is up, up, and one more time up in 2020. Companies live-stream major events, show off new products, organize webinars to create more direct communication with customers.
  • 360-Degree Video: Mobile marketing is level-upped by 360-degree videos that give people a more immersive view opportunity. It allows views to feel completely involved by exploring every part of the environment displayed. They can view up, down, left, right, or behind.

B2B Mobile Marketing Trends

It is a well-known fact that B2C companies benefit from mobile marketing greatly.

But is it true for B2B mobile marketing?

The answer is “YES”.

Business-to-business buyers spend more and more time on their mobile devices for work. Here’s a list of B2B mobile marketing trends that shape 2020:

Mobile Content is the King

Every marketer knows that content is the king. The same rule applies to mobile content too. The right, engaging and optimized content is the leading trend for B2B mobile marketing. So, marketers allocate significant time and resources to have a winning mobile content strategy.

Visual Content and Videos

Graphics and videos are an engaging method in B2B mobile marketing to entice more clients. Content Marketing Institute reveals that 54% of the consumers want to see more visual content from a company they do business with.

Artificial Intelligence and Hyper-Personalization

Artificial intelligence breaks through B2B mobile marketing faster than the speed of light. It becomes a leading trend in B2B mobile marketing. AI helps B2B marketers to understand customer behavior and adjust their mobile marketing strategy to their needs. B2B companies integrate AI technologies into their mobile marketing campaigns to provide more personalized offers and thus, increase traffic and boost revenue.

Mobile App Marketing Trends

Mobile app marketing mainly focuses on catering to the needs of consumers through the means of mobile apps. Let’s move directly to the mobile app marketing trends that highlight 2019. Embrace the app trends and grow your business by making the most of mobile marketing!


Chatbots made their way into mobile in 2018. The worldwide chatbot market is expected to grow to 1250 million US Dollars in 2025. So, do not miss out on the trend!

Mobile Wallets

Mobile commerce has become a preferred shopping method for the majority of people. Consequently, mobile wallets that provide secure encryption are among mobile app trends of 2020 (learn more here).

On-Demand Apps

With businesses embracing the on-demand strategy, the on-demand app sector becomes trending as ever. The revenue of the on-demand app industry was $14 billion in 2014, while it is expected to reach 335 billion by the year 2025.

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SMS Advertising: Understanding Essentials

SMS Advertising

SMS advertising is one of the most popular types of mobile marketing which grows every day. Regarding statistics, text message advertising is in the first place compared with email, Twitter or Facebook. SMS ads help to send your proposal or introduce your company directly to your client. This will save time and get real results for you.

So how to advertise through SMS?

For the beginning you need two things:

  • Accessibility to mass text messaging platform which you can do easily. There are many online services where you can sign up and handle your SMS marketing campaign by yourself or connect with an SMS advertising agency.
  • You need to have a contact list of your customers or possible clients and import the list to software or simply fill form one by one.

SMS Advertising Best Practices

Today capturing client attention is one of the hardest things because there are millions of brands and each of them trying to do the same, so you need to follow some essential points.

Be Short and Attractive

You need to keep your content not too long and very clear for your potential customer. That will not take a long time to read it from your client and they will love it. Write direct what you want them to know: that can be informed about the new product or any promotion. Include your site link in your content. No one will follow too many steps for reaching your final target.

Keep Movement

Always be in touch with your clients by sending them promotional text messages. Send your message to the exact people at exact time. This helps you to attract more people who can be interested in your product or service.

Be Legal

Before sending your message make sure that it is legal. By sending text messages never forget to follow the rules.

  • Have your clients consent for sending them SMS.
  • Mention your business name.
  • Give them a chance to “Unsubscribe” from the messaging list.

Always Try Something New

Never stop testing new content. Keep your advertising cheerful instead of strict text. If you have any attractive video you can add it alternatively for attaching a link. Testing different types of messages will help you to figure out which one is interesting for your clients and make you more profit.

Common SMS Ads Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not putting attention to call to action in your content.

Make sure that your text is proactive, the customer can easily understand what you are offering and what he/she should do. You can do that by adding a clear call to action in your SMS ads. In case it didn’t capture their attention your content needs to be modified.

  • Not specifying timing.

Schedule timing for your messages depending on what are you offering.

  • Not sending personalized messages.

Add your customers’ names in greetings. It’s better not to send greetings if you don’t know who is the receiver. Always mention your brand. Your clients will constantly remember about you.

Text Message Advertising Companies

SendSMS.Global is a customer-friendly text message ads platform that allows you to send an influential message to your customer list. The amount of connections and receivers is not limited. This SMS advertising software will help you to reach your target at a reasonable price and surely your customers will receive a message.

How to Count Text Message Advertising Rate?

In our bulk SMS pricing page, you can see all countries with their prices. Our pricing tool lets you know how much it will cost to send 1 message, and 1000 before you will register or import your client list.

SendSMS.Global: SMS Advertising Company

SendSMS.Global is a text message advertising company which permit to send business text messages and provide bulk SMS advertising
to all types of organizations from small local businesses to also large corporations globally.

We give you an opportunity to get in touch with your clients and receive feedback from them. By using our text message advertising software you can be sure that none of your messages will be lost. Being in this market a long time makes us one of the most experienced companies in the niche.

[tm_spacer size=”lg:10″]

SMS Ads Examples from Big Brands

[tm_spacer size=”lg:10″]

Message From Burger King

Enjoy a Rodeo Burger or a Rodeo Crispy Chicken Sandwich for only $1. Limited time. Price & participation vary.

[tm_spacer size=”lg:10″]

Message from Domino’s

To complete your Easy Order ‘My Domino’s Favorite’ totaling $10.39 for carryout, reply confirm within 20 minutes.

[tm_spacer size=”lg:10″]

Also Here are Some Examples of Outdoor Advertising for growing Text Messaging List

[tm_spacer size=”lg:14″]

Advertising from Applegate

Buy One Hot Dog and Get One Free when You Join Our Mobile Text Club.

Text: Applegate

To: (Business Number)

Just Show Us Text and Get Your Free Hot Dog with up to 2 Toppings!

[tm_spacer size=”lg:10″]

Advertising from Subway

Want Subway Deals Directly Sent to Your Phone!

Text Offers to (Business Number) to Start Receiving Weekly Offers.

You can find more SMS marketing templates here.

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Real Estate Text Message Marketing

Real Estate Text Message Marketing

Real estate agents usually have a lot on their plate. They have to act as a skilled negotiator, professional advisor, sales manager, and marketer. So, any tool like real estate text message marketing that is able to facilitate the heavy workload of a real estate agent and provide effectiveness at the same time, will come in useful.

In this respect, text message marketing serves as an incredibly easy, highly effective and reliable channel to ease the communication with prospective buyers. Real estate promotional messages are an immediate and affordable marketing tool to deliver time-sensitive information. It enables realtors to send bulk messages to clients in a matter of seconds. To sound more practical, we crunched the numbers.

  • Surveys reveal that over 91% of adults use mobile phones, with half of them using smartphones.
  • Meanwhile, texting is the preferred method of communicating for 68% of mobile users.
  • 58% of consumers mentioned they would view a business more positively if they offered SMS capabilities.

Furthermore, the National Association of Realtor 2017 report showed that 62% of all home buyers prefer their agents send property info via text message rather than email or call. All the mentioned data tell the whole story on the effectiveness of text marketing for real estate.

How SMS for Real Estate Marketing Works

How SMS for Real Estate Marketing Works

SMS marketing may seem an old school. Yet, the “retro” marketing tool makes an astonishing comeback opening door to new opportunities. Text messaging has crept into various industries as an effective way to reach targeted leads. Real estate agents are no exception. Promote your brand as a realtor, share your listings, make appointments faster and cheaper by incorporating this channel to your marketing strategy.

Real estate text message marketing is a quick, reliable, and affordable step towards maintaining relationships with vendors, buyers, brokers, landlords, tenants. But first, let’s dive deeper and see how it works.


The starting point of the SMS marketing strategy is selecting a keyword. It should be short, simple, memorable and unique to your business. Keywords enable people to opt-in for your SMS, simultaneously, permitting you to text your clients in the future. For instance, pick “House1” keyword for one particular property. When people text “House1” to a mentioned number, they’ll automatically receive a message with all the details about the property.

Auto Reply

Set up automated responses and save time on responding to the clients’ inquiries one by one. Auto-replies are prewritten text messages that your clients receive when they text in your keywords.

Common auto-replies include:

  • Price Updates
  • New Listings
  • Community Events
  • Thank You Messages

and so on.

Mass Text Messaging

You can increase the number of people who see your properties and engage with more people simultaneously by sending mass text messages. The tool allows you to write one message and send it out to an entire list of clients or a chosen segment. Let thousands of people know about your new listings or open house dates with just one tap of a finger.

Scheduled Alerts and Reminders

Send out scheduled alerts or reminders to reduce no-shows and increase attendance. Avoid wasting time on waiting for customers who won’t show up. Sending scheduled alerts to your clients enables you to keep your clients up to date on meetings, appointments, open houses, etc.

Examples for Real Estate SMS Marketing

There is one golden rule for SMS marketing: Will I read and reply to this myself?

If your sincere answer is Yes, the chances are high that your targeted customers will do the same. Prior to rushing into sending the message that comes to your head first, take time to think about what you’re actually sending and how it works for you.

The correctly chosen SMS format is a determining factor for providing a high response rate. Send out perfectly structured text messages and see tons of new leads roll in.

You are free to include any relevant info in your real estate text message. Yet, we recommend you to incorporate the following key information in your real estate SMS:

  • The Address of the Property
  • Profile and Size
  • Price
  • Your Contact Info
  • Shortened Link to Google Maps and Your Website

SMS Examples for Real Estate Marketing

Here are some real estate SMS templates and scripts that you can implement to increase your response rates: (explore our all text messaging templates here).

  • Hey, “client’s first name’”! What’s the best time for me to call?

’’Your first name’’.

  • Hi “client’s first name’”!  Since you liked “Home X”, I guess you would like this too. “Home Y details”.

’’Your first name’’.

  • Dear “client’s first name”, I just received your inquiry on “Property X”. Is there any other info you would like me to share about the property?

’’Your first name’’.

  • Dear “client’s first name”, thank you for your request. When is the best time for you to talk about getting your home sold?

’’Your first name’’.

  • Hey, “client’s first name”! Would this Wednesday evening work for taking you to a quick tour of a home I picked out for you?

’’Your first name’’.

  • Hi, “client’s first name”! Are you still interested in buying a home in the X area? I have a good offer for you!

’’Your first name’’.

Best Text Message Marketing Service for Real Estate

Using the right platform is a big investment in your bulk SMS strategy for real estate. It will empower you to reach potential buyers or renters effortlessly and save you big money. Here is how you can benefit from a perfectly chosen texting software:

  • Initiate a personalized, one-on-one text conversation with clients or renters.
  • Increase attendance and engagement by scheduling timely reminders.
  • Entice new clients with special keywords and calls-to-action.
  • And all this with affordable bulk SMS price.

So, do not limit your clients to just calling or emailing. Make your agency’s new home listings, price drop alerts links to real estate video tours available for them using our fast and simple texting software for real estate!

SendSMS.Global is the easy-to-use software that includes all the advanced features and tools. It is a big help for real estate agents who want to create fast and easy engagement with their clients.

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SMS Marketing Strategy: How to Grow Your Business?

SMS Marketing Strategy

SMS Marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels that will make your business grow significantly faster. A well-planned SMS marketing strategy enables to reach your target audience directly, raises brand awareness and stabilizes customer loyalty. This is a high ROI, fast and cost-efficient marketing channel that conveys your company’s promotional message or offer to customers.

The high effectiveness of SMS strategy is directly linked to the increasing use of mobile devices. For instance, according to Statista 62.9% of the population of the world uses a mobile phone. 98% of all SMS messages are opened on a daily basis, while 83% are opened within 3 minutes. To feel the difference, only 24.79% of emails are opened by the customers.

A well-thought SMS marketing plan increases brand awareness and attracts more customers. It can also keep them loyal to the company later if you keep actively communicating with them. In this way, SMS marketing becomes the most convenient and affordable marketing tool for delivering your business messages to your customers or prospects.

Considering the high number of mobile device users, hardly will any business deny the role of a good SMS marketing strategy in promoting business growth and increasing customer loyalty. Bellow, we offer you some of the best practices of SMS strategies that will ensure growth without investing too much on it.

SMS Marketing Strategy Tactics to Boosts your Business Growth

Being aware of the effectiveness of SMS Marketing is one thing, mastering some tactics to get the most of it, is another. If you want to get some basic skills on how to use the potential of SMS marketing or bulk SMS strategy to the fullest, you are in the right place. Here are some helpful SMS Marketing tactics that will boost your business growth remarkably.

Make it relevant and personalized

It’s not a secret that people pay more attention to messages that are personally addressed to them. Otherwise, they consider it spam. So, send more relevant and personalized text messages based on gender, age, location, activities, or preferences of your target audience and build long-lasting customer loyalty.

Keep your message brief and clear

Cutting long marketing messages into short and clear ones is a sign that you value your customer’s time. Besides, short text messages catch the gist quicker. Note that an optimal number of characters used in a marketing message is 160. When you show this much care towards your customer, you can get the most out of it and make SMS the best communication channel.

Include a clear call-to-action

How exactly do you want your customers to act? Make use of your latest promotions? Visit your company’s newly opened branch? Or just be aware of your companies’ recent achievements?

Direct your customers to make that favorable step by using clear call-to-action in your message. Make sure your call-to-actions are powerful and goal-oriented because a well-structured SMS marketing plan is capable to provide 8% conversion rate, compared to 2% for email.

SMS VS Email Marketing

SMS Marketing VS Email Marketing

Add value to your interaction with customers

Use SMS marketing service to create value for your customers. Text messaging does not necessarily have to be about selling a product or service. You can sell value instead, which will make your customers feel more appreciated. For instance, sending out personalized discount offers on a customer’s birthday or providing some helpful tips via SMS can increase customer loyalty and boost your business growth.

Having a good SMS marketing strategy ensures consistent business growth in a fast and affordable way. So, why not use the greatest growth potential that this powerful marketing channel provides? Businesses of all sizes can use SMS marketing to reach out to their customers and prospects. This will still be cost-efficient and effective. It is a fast, targeted and cost-effective marketing tool with an extraordinarily high open-rate.