SMS Advertising: Understanding Essentials
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SMS Advertising: Understanding Essentials

SMS advertising is one of the most popular types of mobile marketing which grows every day. Regarding statistics, text message advertising is in the first place compared with email, Twitter or Facebook advertising. Advertising message helps to send your proposal or introduce your company directly to your client. This will save time and get real results for you.

So how to advertise through text messages?

For the beginning you need two things:

  • Accessibility to mass text messaging platform which you can do easily. There are many online services where you can easily sign up and handle your SMS marketing campaign by yourself or connect with local text messaging company.
  • You need to have a contact list of your customers or possible clients and import the list to software and simply fill form one by one.

SMS Advertising Best Practices

Today capturing client attention is one of the hardest things because there are millions of brands and each of them trying to do the same, so you need to follow some essential points.

Be Short and Attractive

You need to keep your content not too long and very clear for your potential customer. That will not take a long time to read it from your client and they will love it. Write direct what you want them to know: that can be informed about the new product or any promotion. Include your site link in your content. No one will follow too many steps for reaching your final target.

Keep Movement

Always be in touch with your clients by sending them promotional text messages. Send your message to the exact people and exact time. This helps you to attract more people who can be interested in your product or service.

Be Legal

Before sending your message make sure that it is legal. By sending text message never forget to follow the rules.

  • Have your clients consent for sending them SMS.
  • Mention your business name.
  • Give them a chance to “unsubscribe” from the messaging list.

Always Try Something New

Never stop testing new content. Keep your advertising cheerful instead of strict text. If you have any attractive video you can add it alternatively for attaching a link. Testing different types of messages will help you to figure out which one is interesting for your clients and make you more profit.

Common Text Message Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not putting attention to call to action in your content.

Make sure that your text is proactive, the customer can easily understand what you are offering and what he/she should do. You can do that by adding a clear call to action in your SMS advertising. In case it didn’t capture their attention your content needs to be modified.

  • Not specifying timing.

Depends on what is your message about timing for that can be different. Schedule timing for your messages depending on what are you offering.

  • Not sending personalized messages.

Add your customers name in greetings. It’s better not to send greetings if you don’t know who is the receiver. Always mention your brand. Your clients will constantly remember about you.

SMS Advertisement System

SendSMS is a customer-friendly text advertising platform which allows you to send an influential message to your customer list. Amount of connections and receivers is not limited. This SMS advertising software will help you to reach your target with reasonable price and surely your customers will receive a message. Text advertising software allows your messages to reach your customers’ main segment. Almost all messages have been read by the addressee.

How to count SMS Advertising Rate?

Each message will cost from (lowest price) to (highest price) per text. Prices also depend on how many keywords you use for your content. You will be paying fees per message which will involve both text messages price and keywords.

In our bulk SMS pricing page, you can see all countries with their prices. Our pricing tool lets you know how much it will cost to send 1 message, 100 and 1000 before you will register or import your client list.

SendSMS: SMS Advertising Company

SendSMS is a text message advertising company which permit to send a business text message and provide mass texting services to all type of organizations from small local businesses to also large corporations globally.

As an SMS advertising company SendSMS gives you an opportunity to get in touch with your clients and receive feedback from them. By using our text message advertising software you can be sure that none of your messages will be lost. Being in this market a long time makes us one of the most experienced companies in the niche.

SMS Advertising Examples from Big Brands

Message From Burger King

Enjoy a Rodeo Burger or a Rodeo Crispy Chicken Sandwich for only $1. Limited time. Price & participation vary.

Message from Domino’s

To complete your Easy Order ‘My Domino’s Favorite’ totaling $10.39 for carryout, reply confirm within 20 minutes.

Also Here are Some Examples of Outdoor Advertising for growing Text Messaging List

Advertising from Applegate

Buy One Hot Dog and Get One Free when You Join Our Mobile Text Club.

Text: Applegate

To: (Business Number)

Just Show Us Text and Get Your Free Hot Dog with up to 2 Toppings!

Advertising from Subway

Want Subway Deals Directly Sent to Your Phone!

Text Offers to (Business Number) to Start Receiving Weekly Offers.

You can find more SMS marketing templates here.

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