How SMS Marketing Can Change Your Real Estate Business

How SMS Marketing Can Change Your Real Estate Business

Marketing in the real estate industry is rapidly changing. Traditional marketing tools and lead generation practices like distributing flyers and business cards and placing ads in newspapers are not producing high quality leads as well as they did back in their heyday. 

In an industry where delivering the right real estate marketing messages to the right people at the right time is crucial, you can’t rely on old school methods to produce results for you. You need to establish a strong online and mobile presence. Adding SMS marketing to your repertoire is essential if you are to succeed in a cutthroat business that is real estate.

The entry of CRM and SMS marketing software solutions has definitely changed the way real estate agents do their business. But how do these innovations, more specifically SMS marketing, impact your real estate business?

  1. Connect Better With Your Current and Prospective Clients

Communication is a key component in the real estate business, which is why it is important that you can quickly touch base with your existing and potential customers whenever they are in the market searching for properties. But what if they are not actively seeking? Or what if you have a property or a list of properties that may spark their interest?

You don’t want your customer reading updates and ads on a two-story, four-bedroom house in Hillsborough when his preference is Los Altos. That’s bad for your branding and certainly bad for your business.

With SMS mobile marketing, you can give your clients and leads updates about properties that are relevant to them based on their information, previous transactions, and browsing history. You can personalize your real estate messages to clients, demonstrating that you care about their needs and specifics and not just bombard their phones with properties that they don’t want at all.

Most SMS marketing software lets you customize the content of your text messages based on a client’s data like their location, the type of properties they are looking for, the floor and lot area, and the number of bedrooms, among others. This ensures that you only provide them with significant updates that they can easily relate with.

  1. Automate Your Responses

A potential buyer responds to your text and you’re not around to make a quick response. Worse, you never got back to that particular customer because all your other messages drowned his query. Any message missed is a huge opportunity that slipped through your grasp.

You are not always online and you won’t be hooked to your phone forever. So what can you do? With an SMS marketing software, you can send automated responses and queries to your clients to keep the conversation going and gather so much data that you are fully aware of your client’s preferences and specifics once you are available to engage him or her.

You no longer have to get back with your prospects and start from the beginning. That’s a complete waste of both your time. Since an SMS marketing platform is equipped with information directly from your customer, you can continue and accelerate their journey into looking over your properties and ultimately making a deal.

If you are not able to close a deal, you can expand your network and create a new source of leads anyway.

  1. Capture and Organize Client Information

It is critical that your SMS marketing software has a CRM tool for real estate business. If not, it is imperative that you integrate it with a third-party CRM platform.

As mentioned earlier, connecting with your clients and prospects is a must in the real estate business. Thus, it is crucial that you are able to capture their information automatically and organize them efficiently. CRMs facilitate in this regard, enabling you to get all the necessary data so you can create an accurate profile per customer. Data collection is automated, freeing you from the hassles and risks that plague manual data transfer/entry and spreadsheet-based processes.

On top of that, having a CRM working alongside your SMS marketing platform enables you to quickly send personalized updates, emails, newsletters, and other marketing content to your clients via various channels. You can also schedule appointments and send reminders to ensure you don’t miss big opportunities.

SMS Marketing is a Must

The number of mobile device users has greatly increased since 2011. According to a 2019 article on mobile device ownership by the Pew Research Center, 96% of Americans now own a mobile device. Eighty-one percent of which operate a smartphone. That’s a huge jump, considering smartphone ownership was pegged at 35% back in 2011.

Several studies have shown that people spend significant time on their mobile devices for a number of purposes, including surfing the Internet, communication, entertainment, shopping, research, and more. With so much research and data supporting the rise of mobile device users and its extensive role in people’s daily lives, It only makes sense for any business to include SMS marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy,

People are with their mobile devices almost all the time, which means you have a greater chance of generating high-quality leads and closing deals by reaching out to them via an SMS than you would with a flyer.

Not all SMS marketing campaigns are guaranteed to work as responses and reactions may vary from people to people. That said, it should be an integral component of your marketing plans. In this world where everything needs to be fast, precise, and relevant, giving your real estate business a boost through SMS marketing is crucial.

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