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SMS Marketing for Retail: How to Start Your First Campaign

SMS Marketing for Retail

Conventional wisdom suggests that the retail industry has traditionally been one of the leading industries making heavy use of marketing. It has reinvented itself multiple times from a marketing standpoint in order to remain effective and keep the sales figures steady.

With the quick development of technology coupled with the advent of the Internet, the retail industry gained a new weapon in digital marketing to add to its already vast arsenal. And even though the same digital space may cause its eventual downfall in the real world (brick and mortar stores being replaced with online stores), it has not stopped retail companies from using digital marketing to boost their company’s marketing ventures (learn more here).

But that is beside the point here. With so many marketing tools available both in traditional and digital form, retail stores have a lot of choices to make in regards to the path they will have to select for their marketing strategy. Do they go traditional and spend huge sums or do they employ modern practices to stay up-to-date with time?

There may be a solution to this predicament, a solution that combines the best of both worlds and that is SMS Marketing. Considering its inherent qualities it mixes some features of traditional marketing with digital to create the perfect channel.

SMS marketing for retail especially is the ideal channel of communication. Unlike most industries, the retail industry as a whole does not have a specific target demographic. In other words, due to the nature of their business, any person is really a target. SMS marketing, in that regard, is similar in concept in that it can target just about anyone across the world.

Advantages of SMS Marketing for Retailers

Advantages of SMS Marketing for Retailers

Text message marketing poses many benefits for retail companies that are using it. It is the reason why it has been used for a couple of decades now and has held its spot among the best marketing channels out there. Its longevity and wide application across the world alone are a testament to its effectiveness and success rate. Having said that, let’s list some of the key advantages of SMS marketing for retail.

  • It is cheap and affordable

Irrespective of how successful and financially stable your retail store is, it never hurts to do marketing in an affordable way. Compared to literally any other form of marketing, SMS is the cheapest option out there. But its affordability does not affect its efficiency one bit, so do not get worried.

  • It provides you worldwide outreach unlike anything else

SMS marketing has a limitless range and knows no physical boundaries. You can send out your SMS campaign to any destination in the world if need be. However, do so with caution as targeting the inappropriate demographic would yield no results, rendering your campaign useless. It would not make sense for a local retail store located in a small town in the United States (for the sake of example) to send promotional SMS to someone in France.

  • Response and conversion rate

SMS messages have the highest rate of responsiveness among any channels of communication in the world. With a 98% open rate (check SMS statistics here) and conversion rate in somewhere along with the 30-40% range, SMS messages have proven to be effective in delivering results for businesses. If not for anything else, this can be a  selling point for retail stores to start using text marketing.

  • SMS marketing can increase customer engagement and loyalty

As much as any retail store likes having many different customers, the real business always comes from repeat customers. In order to build a base of loyal customers, there are many steps retail stores have to take to achieve that. The key one is customer engagement. SMS marketing can facilitate that by forming a two-way communication between the store and its clients. The facilitation of this communication leads to building customer loyalty which in turn increases business.

How to Start First SMS Marketing Campaign for Retail Stores

How to Start First SMS Marketing Campaign for Retail Stores

SMS marketing for retail stores is really no different than it is for businesses in other industries. The fundamentals of starting an SMS campaign is the same, more or less. For retail stores, here is a guide with the necessary steps on how to start the SMS marketing campaign for retail stores.

  1. Select a bulk SMS provider that offers an SMS marketing platform.
  2. Develop your target demographic by creating a buyer persona relevant to your store.
  3. Create a contacts list that you will send your text messages to.
  4. Develop the core idea of your marketing campaign and design your promotional text messages accordingly.
  5. This one is optional but you can customize the messages for each recipient to make them appear more personal, hence increasing its chances of leading to the desired action.
  6. Consider scheduling your SMS campaign to send text messages during times where people are more likely to be responsive to them. The ideal time range is from 9 AM to 9 PM.
  7. Hit the send button and kickstart your SMS Marketing campaign.
  8. Make sure to follow up with new SMS messages to customers. After all, SMS marketing is not a one-time thing and its success vastly depends on its consistent usage.
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SMS Chatbot: Understanding Advantages

SMS Chatbot

Customer engagement has always been the driving force behind every successful business endeavor. It helps with customer loyalty and sales. Traditionally this customer engagement has been handled by human specialists (and it still is for the most part) but due to the increasing number of customer inquiries, the process gets rather overwhelming and puts a huge strain on companies. The manpower just is not there to handle all of that communication effectively. Chatbots provide a modern solution to this problem. Chatbots are computer programs that can simulate human-like conversations using the existing database of interactions. SMS chatbots do just that using SMS as a channel of communication. In other words, it’s one of the SMS marketing tools.

A lot of companies have already started utilizing text message chatbots in order to handle customer questions and responses. In principle, it is an ideal way of driving customer engagement without creating any additional third-party software. The advantage of an SMS chatbot is that it takes the human factor out of the equation, meaning it can respond to multiple customers simultaneously as opposed to humans who can handle a single customer at a time. It is both cost and time-effective. The bigger question here that you might be asking is how to create and implement a text chatbot for your business. Let’s skip the “why?” part of the question since the answer by this point ought to be self-explanatory and delve right into the creation process.

To start off, there are two ways you can approach the building process—creating an SMS chatbot from scratch by yourself or using third-party tools for assistance. The key difference between the two of them is that if you are building a chatbot from ground up, you will also need to develop your own scripts that the chatbot will be using. Third-party tools have an existing database of scripts you can use. In either case, you will still need to customize the scripts to better adapt it to your needs. Moreover, with so many applications and services available online that can build a text message chatbot for you and let you host your bot on their servers, skipping the hustle of creating one on your own might be a good idea.

When you are done with creating your chatbot, make sure to thoroughly test it out before implementing it. You need a fully fleshed out and functioning software application before you use it to interact with your customers. An SMS bot that is glitchy or does not respond to customers in an appropriate and relevant manner can discourage your customers from ever using it, thus decreasing customer engagement. Therefore, before delivering the final product, ensure its working stability through a chatbot prototype tool. This will give you an idea of what your finished product will look like and is additionally an opportunity to perhaps improve a thing or two on it.

SMS Chatbot Examples

Having established what messaging chatbots are and how to create/implement them, it is also useful to give some SMS chatbot examples for you to fully grasp what they look like and how they work in general. Here are a few examples from famous companies using SMS chatbots.

  • Sky uses SMS chatbots to mostly conduct surveys among its customers. The following SMS exchange shows a Sky implemented chatbot enquiring whether a customer’s issue was fixed or not.

– Hi, it’s Sky. We would like to check that your fault is now fixed, please reply YES to confirm or NO for more help.
– Yes.
– Thanks for confirming your fault is now fixed. Bye for now, Sky.

  • Operator has developed artificial intelligence to help with customer requests. Using SMS AI bot, they can respond to and help their customers with any issues. The following example shows a customer that searches for a particular product that the bot tries to assist in finding it.

– Can you find me a colorful plant that will do well in a room that gets a lot of direct sunlight?
– Hi Julie! The Bird of Paradise plant is one of my favorites and does really well in direct light. It also has a beautiful array of collars. Let me know what you think.

  • H&M has made online shopping easier via its Kik bot. Customers can use the bot to assist them with their shopping experience. Here is an example of what that exchange looks like.

– Hi! Welcome to H&M on Kik. Let’s get to know your style with a few quick questions! Do you want to see men’s or women’s clothing?
– Men’s.
– Great, let’s get started!! Which one of the following best describes you? (Poll)
– Classic.

These are only a few examples but you get the hang of it. The right SMS chatbot, with a little bit of work, can accomplish any automated task you can think of.

SMS Chatbot Service

Provided you are dead set on using an SMS chatbot for your business, it is now time for you to look for platforms that offer such services. A quick search on the Internet will show you that there are tons of reputable and reliable SMS chatbot builders and apps out there that you can utilize.

These apps give you a lot of benefits and advantages because they have all the necessary features built into them. One of the bigger benefits is that the basic artificial intelligence infrastructure is already there, meaning you have an existing base of data for interactions to build on and improve, rather starting from scratch.

Moreover, the AI bots are programmed in a way that they can learn from all previous and current interactions to improve future interaction with humans. All in all, it is a relatively good deal considering you have a finished product, which improves on a consistent basis, and that it takes no extra resources to create an SMS chatbot of your own.

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The Difference Between Promotional and Transactional SMS

Difference Between Promotional and Transactional SMS

If you are just laying the groundwork for business SMS, you may be wondering what the difference between promotional and transactional SMS messages is. You can use them exclusively, there are not many instances in which you would not need to utilize both. So let’s dive right into it and explore the differences between promotional vs. transactional SMS.

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS

This is the kind of SMS message you send to promote your brand, the products or services it offers. Promotional SMS includes marketing and sales messages. Additionally, any text message that contains an offer or a sales coupon is considered as a promotional.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS

Text messages of this kind are sent to customers to deliver the necessary time-sensitive information, confirmation and verification codes and etc.

Differences Between Promotional and Transactional SMS

The two types of SMS messages serve different purposes as outlined above but there is more to them than meets the eye. So let’s get down right into a more detailed explanation of the difference between promotional and transactional SMS.

Purpose of the SMS:

  • Promotional – contain offers, discounts, sales coupons or other promotional material and is sent to either new or current customers. The messages can be unsolicited, although it is advised to send them to customers who have opted into your marketing campaign.
  • Transactional – contains informational material like alerts, order details, and whatnot as well as sensitive information like one-time passwords (OTP) and payment updates for automated billing. Transactional messages are only sent to registered customers and should, therefore, not be used for marketing purposes.

Recipients of the SMS

  • Promotional – sent to non-DND (Do Not Disturb) numbers and opt-in customers.
  • Transactional – sent to all registered customers irrespective of their DND status.

SMS Timing

  • Promotional – is usually sent between 9 am – 9 pm but mostly depends on regulations governing the practice in a given jurisdiction.
  • Transactional – can be sent 24/7 without any restrictions in regards to timing.

Promotional VS. Transactional SMS: Examples

Having established what constitutes a promotional or a transactional SMS, and what makes them different, it is prime time to share some examples of both to drive the point home. It is important to understand that both types can be used by a single company, they are not mutually exclusive nor do they get in the way of the other. Here are a few template examples of both,

  • Bank Delivery Notification (Transactional) – “Ms. Smith, your new credit card should be arriving in the mail soon. Once you receive it, contact us at to get it activated. Don’t delay!”
  • Bank Account Status (Transactional) – “Mr. Smith, your account at Capital Bank has been activated! To start using our online banking, click here:”
  • Sales (Promotional) – “Receive discounts on tasty lunch specials. Text “LUNCH” to (phone number) and get a 2% discount on your next order! Your Daily Food.”
  • Store Opening Times (Promotional) – “No more running out of the office at 4 pm on Fridays to find a new dress! Lucy’s Closet is now open until 8 pm. Find your closest store:”.

For more examples of promotional and transactional SMS templates, visit here.

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SMS Advertising: Understanding Essentials

SMS Advertising

SMS advertising is one of the most popular types of mobile marketing which grows every day. Regarding statistics, text message advertising is in the first place compared with email, Twitter or Facebook. SMS ads help to send your proposal or introduce your company directly to your client. This will save time and get real results for you.

So how to advertise through SMS?

For the beginning you need two things:

  • Accessibility to mass text messaging platform which you can do easily. There are many online services where you can sign up and handle your SMS marketing campaign by yourself or connect with an SMS advertising agency.
  • You need to have a contact list of your customers or possible clients and import the list to software or simply fill form one by one.

SMS Advertising Best Practices

Today capturing client attention is one of the hardest things because there are millions of brands and each of them trying to do the same, so you need to follow some essential points.

Be Short and Attractive

You need to keep your content not too long and very clear for your potential customer. That will not take a long time to read it from your client and they will love it. Write direct what you want them to know: that can be informed about the new product or any promotion. Include your site link in your content. No one will follow too many steps for reaching your final target.

Keep Movement

Always be in touch with your clients by sending them promotional text messages. Send your message to the exact people at exact time. This helps you to attract more people who can be interested in your product or service.

Be Legal

Before sending your message make sure that it is legal. By sending text messages never forget to follow the rules.

  • Have your clients consent for sending them SMS.
  • Mention your business name.
  • Give them a chance to “Unsubscribe” from the messaging list.

Always Try Something New

Never stop testing new content. Keep your advertising cheerful instead of strict text. If you have any attractive video you can add it alternatively for attaching a link. Testing different types of messages will help you to figure out which one is interesting for your clients and make you more profit.

Common SMS Ads Mistakes to Avoid

  • Not putting attention to call to action in your content.

Make sure that your text is proactive, the customer can easily understand what you are offering and what he/she should do. You can do that by adding a clear call to action in your SMS ads. In case it didn’t capture their attention your content needs to be modified.

  • Not specifying timing.

Schedule timing for your messages depending on what are you offering.

  • Not sending personalized messages.

Add your customers’ names in greetings. It’s better not to send greetings if you don’t know who is the receiver. Always mention your brand. Your clients will constantly remember about you.

Text Message Advertising Companies

SendSMS.Global is a customer-friendly text message ads platform that allows you to send an influential message to your customer list. The amount of connections and receivers is not limited. This SMS advertising software will help you to reach your target at a reasonable price and surely your customers will receive a message.

How to Count Text Message Advertising Rate?

In our bulk SMS pricing page, you can see all countries with their prices. Our pricing tool lets you know how much it will cost to send 1 message, and 1000 before you will register or import your client list.

SendSMS.Global: SMS Advertising Company

SendSMS.Global is a text message advertising company which permit to send business text messages and provide bulk SMS advertising
to all types of organizations from small local businesses to also large corporations globally.

We give you an opportunity to get in touch with your clients and receive feedback from them. By using our text message advertising software you can be sure that none of your messages will be lost. Being in this market a long time makes us one of the most experienced companies in the niche.

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SMS Ads Examples from Big Brands

[tm_spacer size=”lg:10″]

Message From Burger King

Enjoy a Rodeo Burger or a Rodeo Crispy Chicken Sandwich for only $1. Limited time. Price & participation vary.

[tm_spacer size=”lg:10″]

Message from Domino’s

To complete your Easy Order ‘My Domino’s Favorite’ totaling $10.39 for carryout, reply confirm within 20 minutes.

[tm_spacer size=”lg:10″]

Also Here are Some Examples of Outdoor Advertising for growing Text Messaging List

[tm_spacer size=”lg:14″]

Advertising from Applegate

Buy One Hot Dog and Get One Free when You Join Our Mobile Text Club.

Text: Applegate

To: (Business Number)

Just Show Us Text and Get Your Free Hot Dog with up to 2 Toppings!

[tm_spacer size=”lg:10″]

Advertising from Subway

Want Subway Deals Directly Sent to Your Phone!

Text Offers to (Business Number) to Start Receiving Weekly Offers.

You can find more SMS marketing templates here.

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Real Estate Text Message Marketing

Real Estate Text Message Marketing

Real estate agents usually have a lot on their plate. They have to act as a skilled negotiator, professional advisor, sales manager, and marketer. So, any tool like real estate text message marketing that is able to facilitate the heavy workload of a real estate agent and provide effectiveness at the same time, will come in useful.

In this respect, text message marketing serves as an incredibly easy, highly effective and reliable channel to ease the communication with prospective buyers. Real estate promotional messages are an immediate and affordable marketing tool to deliver time-sensitive information. It enables realtors to send bulk messages to clients in a matter of seconds. To sound more practical, we crunched the numbers.

  • Surveys reveal that over 91% of adults use mobile phones, with half of them using smartphones.
  • Meanwhile, texting is the preferred method of communicating for 68% of mobile users.
  • 58% of consumers mentioned they would view a business more positively if they offered SMS capabilities.

Furthermore, the National Association of Realtor 2017 report showed that 62% of all home buyers prefer their agents send property info via text message rather than email or call. All the mentioned data tell the whole story on the effectiveness of text marketing for real estate.

How SMS for Real Estate Marketing Works

How SMS for Real Estate Marketing Works

SMS marketing may seem an old school. Yet, the “retro” marketing tool makes an astonishing comeback opening door to new opportunities. Text messaging has crept into various industries as an effective way to reach targeted leads. Real estate agents are no exception. Promote your brand as a realtor, share your listings, make appointments faster and cheaper by incorporating this channel to your marketing strategy.

Real estate text message marketing is a quick, reliable, and affordable step towards maintaining relationships with vendors, buyers, brokers, landlords, tenants. But first, let’s dive deeper and see how it works.


The starting point of the SMS marketing strategy is selecting a keyword. It should be short, simple, memorable and unique to your business. Keywords enable people to opt-in for your SMS, simultaneously, permitting you to text your clients in the future. For instance, pick “House1” keyword for one particular property. When people text “House1” to a mentioned number, they’ll automatically receive a message with all the details about the property.

Auto Reply

Set up automated responses and save time on responding to the clients’ inquiries one by one. Auto-replies are prewritten text messages that your clients receive when they text in your keywords.

Common auto-replies include:

  • Price Updates
  • New Listings
  • Community Events
  • Thank You Messages

and so on.

Mass Text Messaging

You can increase the number of people who see your properties and engage with more people simultaneously by sending mass text messages. The tool allows you to write one message and send it out to an entire list of clients or a chosen segment. Let thousands of people know about your new listings or open house dates with just one tap of a finger.

Scheduled Alerts and Reminders

Send out scheduled alerts or reminders to reduce no-shows and increase attendance. Avoid wasting time on waiting for customers who won’t show up. Sending scheduled alerts to your clients enables you to keep your clients up to date on meetings, appointments, open houses, etc.

Examples for Real Estate SMS Marketing

There is one golden rule for SMS marketing: Will I read and reply to this myself?

If your sincere answer is Yes, the chances are high that your targeted customers will do the same. Prior to rushing into sending the message that comes to your head first, take time to think about what you’re actually sending and how it works for you.

The correctly chosen SMS format is a determining factor for providing a high response rate. Send out perfectly structured text messages and see tons of new leads roll in.

You are free to include any relevant info in your real estate text message. Yet, we recommend you to incorporate the following key information in your real estate SMS:

  • The Address of the Property
  • Profile and Size
  • Price
  • Your Contact Info
  • Shortened Link to Google Maps and Your Website

SMS Examples for Real Estate Marketing

Here are some real estate SMS templates and scripts that you can implement to increase your response rates: (explore our all text messaging templates here).

  • Hey, “client’s first name’”! What’s the best time for me to call?

’’Your first name’’.

  • Hi “client’s first name’”!  Since you liked “Home X”, I guess you would like this too. “Home Y details”.

’’Your first name’’.

  • Dear “client’s first name”, I just received your inquiry on “Property X”. Is there any other info you would like me to share about the property?

’’Your first name’’.

  • Dear “client’s first name”, thank you for your request. When is the best time for you to talk about getting your home sold?

’’Your first name’’.

  • Hey, “client’s first name”! Would this Wednesday evening work for taking you to a quick tour of a home I picked out for you?

’’Your first name’’.

  • Hi, “client’s first name”! Are you still interested in buying a home in the X area? I have a good offer for you!

’’Your first name’’.

Best Text Message Marketing Service for Real Estate

Using the right platform is a big investment in your bulk SMS strategy for real estate. It will empower you to reach potential buyers or renters effortlessly and save you big money. Here is how you can benefit from a perfectly chosen texting software:

  • Initiate a personalized, one-on-one text conversation with clients or renters.
  • Increase attendance and engagement by scheduling timely reminders.
  • Entice new clients with special keywords and calls-to-action.
  • And all this with affordable bulk SMS price.

So, do not limit your clients to just calling or emailing. Make your agency’s new home listings, price drop alerts links to real estate video tours available for them using our fast and simple texting software for real estate!

SendSMS.Global is the easy-to-use software that includes all the advanced features and tools. It is a big help for real estate agents who want to create fast and easy engagement with their clients.

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SMS Marketing Campaign: Advanced Guide

SMS Marketing Campaign

Nowadays, the usage of mobile devices goes far beyond receiving and making calls. We take photos, store data, share information with our mobile phones.

Mobile technologies have an incredible influence on marketing. For example, an SMS marketing campaign is extremely effective. Let the data speak for itself.


Statistics show that an average mobile user spends five and more hours on his/her smartphone daily. Moreover, recent studies reveal that 97% of Americans send or receive texts at least once per day (check more SMS statistics here).

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This makes SMS and messaging apps the most favorite and widely used apps on mobile devices. Needless to say that targeting your customers via their favored channel can positively affect your company’s customer retention rates. Marketing experts have discovered the huge potential of SMS marketing as a fast, easy and cost-effective marketing channel for reaching the targeted audience and converting leads into customers.

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It has become the preferred channel of marketers, because a successful SMS marketing campaign provides 98% open rate, compared to 20% of email messaging. Let’s take a closer look at some creative text marketing campaigns and see how it can benefit your business growth. But before we dive into the advantages of the SMS campaign, it will be helpful to know what it is and how it works.

What is an SMS Marketing Campaign?

An SMS marketing campaign offers endless opportunities for delivering your company’s message to your customers through mass texting. A well-planned bulk SMS campaign serves as a proven way for notifying customers of upcoming promotions, product launches, events, and sales. From the financial perspective, SMS message campaigns used to be cheap and timely means of reaching customers.

You can send out bulk SMS messages in a click of a button and communicate with millions of customers at the same time. So, why to spend large amounts of money on distributing marketing content through other digital or print media? As a marketing channel, mobile SMS campaign is built to raise brand awareness, increase customer retention and consequently, boost sales through the use of text messages.

SMS Campaign Ideas

Using SMS marketing campaign, you can get your promotional messages directly to your customers’ texting inboxes. And be sure that it will be opened, as 82% of survey respondents admit to opening every text message they receive. If you already became a fan of SMS marketing and would like to implement it in your business effectively, here are some SMS campaign ideas that you can make the most of.

  • Let your customers know about your best offers.

Happy customers are informed customers. Always keep your customers aware of your company’s best offers, promotions, and products. This is a good way to make them feel important and thus, increase customer loyalty.

[tm_spacer size=”lg:25″][tm_image animation=”none” image=”7507″]
[tm_spacer size=”lg:10″]

Use short promotional text and include the price to attract the customers. Make sure to insert a link back to your website.

[tm_spacer size=”lg:10″]
  • Send out text message reminders.

Stay in touch with your customers, reduce no-shows and increase attendance rates with a simple text message reminder. Service-based companies grow on appointments or reservations. If you are a restaurant owner, doctor, lawyer or consultant whose ‘’business’’ thrives on appointments and reservations, text message reminders can positively influence on your appointment conversion rates.

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[tm_spacer size=”lg:10″]

Alerting your customers of upcoming appointment or reservation can reduce no-show rates by over 23 percent.

[tm_spacer size=”lg:10″]
  • Notify on specific actions.

Keeping your customers informed can have a huge impact on their perception of your business. Successful companies know that sending out notification messages is the driving force in attracting, retaining, and converting customers.

[tm_spacer size=”lg:25″][tm_image animation=”none” image=”7505″]
[tm_spacer size=”lg:10″]

Relay automated SMS messages for specific customer actions, for instance, notify your customers of their latest purchase or let them know that their dinner prep is in progress.

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Creative SMS Marketing Campaigns

The optimal number of characters in an SMS marketing message is 160. So, you have to fit your marketing text within 160 characters to get your customers’ attention. Adding a creative touch to your SMS marketing message will provide better customer engagement. Below you can find some tips on making your SMS marketing campaign more creative and attractive for your potential and loyal customers.

  • Becoming your customer’s trusted coach in the industry.

You can build trust with your customers and stand out as an industry expert by sending messages with periodic informative tips. Especially if your audiance is information-hungry, you can become the trusted source of useful info for your customers. For example, if you are a gym owner, you can send out some weight loss tips to your customers on a regular basis.

  • Generating pop quiz SMS campaign.

Note that SMS marketing is a personal and informal channel. So, it’s ideal for entertaining campaigns. Boost customer engagement with a trivia question marketing campaign. Ask them some questions about your company, brand, specific product, best practices or other trending topics that can be associated with your brand. Offer special prices or discounts for the one who answers the question correctly first. This type of bulk SMS campaign will create good interaction with your customers and increase customer loyalty rates.

  • Personalizing your SMS marketing for each customer.

Use the data to show a highly personal approach to each customer. For example, congratulate your customers’ birthdays with a message and give them a special discount on the day. Believe me, everyone will appreciate that.

SMS Marketing Campaign Best Tactics

When you want to get the attention of your potential customers fastly and cheaply, a bulk SMS is the right choice. Customers love this marketing channel. Most of the people asked to state that they prefer to contact support via SMS over all other channels. Here are some examples of effective text marketing campaigns that you can largely benefit from:

The KISS principle

Implement a KISS strategy to have an effective SMS marketing campaign. No, this is not the kiss you thought about. In marketing KISS stands for Keep it Short and Simple.

Timing matters

When it comes to SMS marketing strategy timing is everything. Consider the time of the day that will be the most appropriate to send marketing messages. Also, define the optimal frequency of messages to reach out to your customers. The most popular times of weekdays that most marketers send messages are:

  • 5pm – 6pm 21%
  • 11am – 12pm 17%
  • 6pm – 7pm 11%

Keep it Friendly and Fun!

Use your marketing strategy to deliver an exciting and memorable experience to your customers. Applying a friendly tone and personalized approach will ensure better trust among customers. For example, a lot of marketers, nowadays, prefer to use shortened texts in their campaigns, such as “ur” and “txt” (Check all texting abbreviations here). This makes the interaction more casual and informal.

Best SMS Marketing Campaigns

Many of the famous and successful companies have long realized and fully utilized the potential of a mobile SMS campaign. So, let’s take a look at the best SMS marketing campaigns ever held and get inspired to start your own.


The fast-food giant McDonald’s is known for conducting successful SMS campaigns. One of the campaigns, called Merry Xmas, was held in Italy. It resulted in 1.5 million people getting engaged in the event within 5 weeks. The people were notified about the event by SMS.

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas is another company that greatly benefited from the bulk messaging. In an SMS campaign Planet Hollywood offered prizes for the customers who opted-in to receive their message and upgraded to an A-List Player’s Club membership. As a result, they witnessed increased membership by 13% and a 70% success rate!

Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods highlighted a new instant coffee they produced via a bulk SMS campaign. They offered customers who signed up for their mobile messages a free sample. The results were astonishing! 400,000+ sample requests and more than 80,000 mobile message opt-in offers.

software for sms marketing campaign

Software for SMS Campaign

Use a high-quality software to power your text marketing campaign. Good software allows reaching your potential customers easily and automatically. Here are the distinctive features of a good SMS marketing software:

  • Mass Group Texting
  • Automatic Text Replies
  • Text Message Scheduling
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Built-In Link Shrinking

So, increase customer retention rates, open up new sources of revenue and experience sales boom by adding messaging to your overall marketing strategy. This is an incredibly simple marketing channel with affordable prices to get the right message into the hands of the right people at the right time.

Here are 5 Actionable Steps for Creating Successful SMS Marketing Campaigns

  • Ask Permission Before Involving Customers into Your SMS Marketing Campaign

No matter what kind of splendid offer you have prepared for your customers or how urgent is your message, it is not wise to send text messages without the permission of recipients (check our anti-spam policy here). The rule of thumb is that your customers must want to get SMS from you. Otherwise, you are within the realms of possibility to be perceived as a spammer. This is not what we strive for, isn’t it? So, do not chase your customers if they show no interest in your campaign, instead, give them an opportunity to opt out.

  • Instill the Feeling of Exclusiveness Via Your Message

Who does not like to be part of something special and exclusive? So, give your customers the thrill of feeling special via an exclusive SMS offer. Create a sense as if they are being a part of something exclusive, and cool. Make sure that your recipients feel valued and unique, and not just another name on your lead list.

  • Segment Your Recipients to Send Relevant Marketing Messages

Generally, you can not send the same SMS to your new visitors and to your loyal customers. For instance, new visitors will be more prone to receive promos, while loyal customers will prefer rewards on loyalty programs. Segmentation enables you to divide your customers into groups based on their common traits and thus, send relevant SMS to each group. This raises the effectiveness of your SMS and ensures a high return rate.

  • Measure the Effectiveness of Your SMS Marketing Campaign

To improve your SMS message campaign and make it efficient you must understand the flaws and strengths of the campaign. For that, it is important to analyze customers’ feedback and gather statistics. Low open rates signify that something is wrong in your message. Maybe you should try experimenting with incentives or making your call to actions more clear. To put it in a nutshell, you should compare different metrics and shape your SMS marketing campaign accordingly to drive the best results.

Thus, you can reap the benefits of SMS marketing only if you have a well-planned, targeted and effective plan. Do not miss out the lucrative opportunities you could be making with an effective campaign. Start an SMS marketing campaign following the above-mentioned helpful steps to generate more sales and increase the exposure of your brand.

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SMS Marketing Strategy: How to Grow Your Business?

SMS Marketing Strategy

SMS Marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels that will make your business grow significantly faster. A well-planned SMS marketing strategy enables to reach your target audience directly, raises brand awareness and stabilizes customer loyalty. This is a high ROI, fast and cost-efficient marketing channel that conveys your company’s promotional message or offer to customers.

The high effectiveness of SMS strategy is directly linked to the increasing use of mobile devices. For instance, according to Statista 62.9% of the population of the world uses a mobile phone. 98% of all SMS messages are opened on a daily basis, while 83% are opened within 3 minutes. To feel the difference, only 24.79% of emails are opened by the customers.

A well-thought SMS marketing plan increases brand awareness and attracts more customers. It can also keep them loyal to the company later if you keep actively communicating with them. In this way, SMS marketing becomes the most convenient and affordable marketing tool for delivering your business messages to your customers or prospects.

Considering the high number of mobile device users, hardly will any business deny the role of a good SMS marketing strategy in promoting business growth and increasing customer loyalty. Bellow, we offer you some of the best practices of SMS strategies that will ensure growth without investing too much on it.

SMS Marketing Strategy Tactics to Boosts your Business Growth

Being aware of the effectiveness of SMS Marketing is one thing, mastering some tactics to get the most of it, is another. If you want to get some basic skills on how to use the potential of SMS marketing or bulk SMS strategy to the fullest, you are in the right place. Here are some helpful SMS Marketing tactics that will boost your business growth remarkably.

Make it relevant and personalized

It’s not a secret that people pay more attention to messages that are personally addressed to them. Otherwise, they consider it spam. So, send more relevant and personalized text messages based on gender, age, location, activities, or preferences of your target audience and build long-lasting customer loyalty.

Keep your message brief and clear

Cutting long marketing messages into short and clear ones is a sign that you value your customer’s time. Besides, short text messages catch the gist quicker. Note that an optimal number of characters used in a marketing message is 160. When you show this much care towards your customer, you can get the most out of it and make SMS the best communication channel.

Include a clear call-to-action

How exactly do you want your customers to act? Make use of your latest promotions? Visit your company’s newly opened branch? Or just be aware of your companies’ recent achievements?

Direct your customers to make that favorable step by using clear call-to-action in your message. Make sure your call-to-actions are powerful and goal-oriented because a well-structured SMS marketing plan is capable to provide 8% conversion rate, compared to 2% for email.

SMS VS Email Marketing

SMS Marketing VS Email Marketing

Add value to your interaction with customers

Use SMS marketing service to create value for your customers. Text messaging does not necessarily have to be about selling a product or service. You can sell value instead, which will make your customers feel more appreciated. For instance, sending out personalized discount offers on a customer’s birthday or providing some helpful tips via SMS can increase customer loyalty and boost your business growth.

Having a good SMS marketing strategy ensures consistent business growth in a fast and affordable way. So, why not use the greatest growth potential that this powerful marketing channel provides? Businesses of all sizes can use SMS marketing to reach out to their customers and prospects. This will still be cost-efficient and effective. It is a fast, targeted and cost-effective marketing tool with an extraordinarily high open-rate.