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Yes, we do. We provide global SMS coverage, making our services available all over the world. You can test any destination by signing up for a free trial.

The maximum length of a single text message is 160 characters if you use the standard GSM 03.38 character set.

We can assure that your SMS messages will be sent immediately after we receive a request from you.

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Our platform has no contacts limit. You can send text messages to as many people as you like.

Every jurisdiction has its own regulations in regards to SMS marketing. Before sending a text message, make sure to get familiar with the SMS marketing laws of the destination country to ensure yourself against any and all legal liabilities (Learn more about SMS marketing laws here).

At the moment, we do not support attachments on SMS messages. However, you can embed links.

The price of an SMS depends on the destination country. Check out our pricing calculator for more information.

No, we do not have any list. We can send SMS messages only to the numbers that you have at your disposal and provided us with.

The approximate delivery rate is 98,7%. The issue with SMS messages that fail to be delivered is mainly from a telecom operator’s end and is not our fault.

Our platform is by design very adaptive, therefore the software is able to increase the limit depending on the quantity requested.

We support multiple payment methods including but not limited to credit card and online payment systems.