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As sending text messages becomes more and more popular with each day that goes by, millions of text messages are being sent each day. Sending a text is simple enough for the users. All you need is to come up with the message content, type it on your phone, and with a press of a button the text will be sent to its destination. This process seems so easy for all of us that we don’t consider all of the steps happening in a split of a second on the back end. Crucial steps without which your texts would not be delivered to their intended destination.

That is precisely what phone carriers are for; different businesses that make texting possible for all of us. Many text marketing groups like SendSMS.Global also rely on such carriers to make their messaging possible as well. If you’re interested in free carrier lookup or even a bulk lookup service, you are in right place. It is important to understand what is it and why do you need it.

What Is A Phone Carrier Lookup?

In order to send messages through text marketing platforms, a carrier ID is required and has to be included. With text marketing, your messages are being sent from an online dashboard or an app, not a traditional cellphone. But in order for a texting service to actually deliver these messages for your business, they need to know what cell phone carriers your subscribers are using.

Thus, some companies are using cell phone carrier lookup. For every new number added to the system the carrier lookup is being used, and when that number is added, it is automatically stored.

These services can be provided for free, of course. Some text messaging platforms like SendSMS.Global have the option of toll-free carrier lookup with linited credits. We’ll discuss this service in a bit, but first, it’s also important to understand how to do these services work.

How Do Carrier Lookup Services Work?

Aside from what we already discussed above, this service is useful for discovering information about the phone numbers. With this service, you can identify local-friendly numbers formats, reduce the likelihood of undelivered messages, also protect yourself from fraud.

Usually, cell carrier lookups are charged on a per lookup basis and allow you to identify both the phone type and the carrier behind the phone number. You have no excuses as to try this service for yourself and improve the quality of your message marketing.

Carrier Lookup API

The carrier lookup API provides a way to retrieve additional information about the phone number. This type of API supports different types of data, it also gives you the option to specify one or more types of information you would like to obtain. Of course, for many cases, the more information you obtain the more you will have to pay for it.

These phone carrier lookup APIs are requested using an easy-to-integrate URL structure, delivered in lightweight formats and are always secured via an HTTPS encryption.

Common Questions

What Carrier is My Phone?

In order to find out information about your phone carrier, you can use our free tool. You have to simply scroll up, type in your phone number and select country.

Who Owns this Phone Number?

You will also be able to find out who owns your phone number through a carrier lookup service. The information that is being provided to you will include the carrier of your phone as the name implies. Usually, the phone numbers belong to the owners of the numbers themselves. But those numbers are still being rented from the carriers.

How to Tell if a Phone Number is a Cell?

Whether a phone number is a cell or not may not be visible from the first glance, especially of you’re not familiar with the area codes. With our carrier lookup service not only can you check what carrier the number is registered on, but also whether it is a cell or not.