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Companies of any type have always used SMS to communicate promotional messages, transactional notifications, one time passwords, security codes, and more to their clients. Indeed, it is one of the fastest and most convenient channels of communication. However, as phishing crimes keep spreading all over the world, people have developed a distrust for text messages.

On the one hand, awareness and caution for phishing crimes is good, as it decreases the cases to a certain degree. On the other hand, it makes the job of companies who only send valid codes and other messages to their clients more difficult, especially when the message includes a URL in it.
This is where Google kicked in with its verified message system to solve the problem.

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What is Verified SMS

Google verified SMS is a service that sends out text messages of any kind only from identified and valid senders. The service decreases the chances of phishing crimes and scam messages to near zero.

Before sending the messages, companies need to register and pass a complex verification process on Google. Only after the process they will be able to send out Google verified messages to their clients.

Google sends verified SMS using its new RCS (rich communication service) system, which can incorporate rich media such as company logo badges, link preview, live-action buttons, and more. Once a verified company sends a message, Google checks them one-by-one and delivers to the clients with the company’s logo and a small “verified” sign on the corner.

Receiving the message with a company logo and verification badge, the recipient can be sure that it’s not a scam. Hence, when there’s a URL in the text, it is safe to open and proceed with it.

RCS Availability by Countries

Verified SMS Availability by Countries

Verified SMS is now available only in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Philippines, and India. Although there are only those nine countries, it is expanding rapidly over the world. It is expected to get worldwide outreach within the next few years.


Verified SMS vs. RCS

One of the most significant differences between a verified SMS and RCS is that some countries don’t support RCS, and some don’t support verified messages. In the countries that don’t support both, the messages go as a simple and traditional SMS.

Although verified SMS is based on RCS, it supports only a few of its features. Google verified messages can only send link previews, company logos, and the verification sign, whereas RCS messages allow the users to send pictures, live-action buttons, GIFs, stickers, and more.

Verified SMS is essentially designed to replace RCS whenever it’s not supported in a country, on a specific device, or the system has a downtime. The reason behind this is that companies sending out RCS messages pass the same complex verification process, thus are secure for recipients.

RCS Pricing

Verified SMS Pricing

Verified SMS pricing is similar to RCS. Google provides verified SMS services at a certain yet unknown price. The market resellers can also influence the pricing. The cost per one verified SMS is estimated to be around five to seven cents.

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