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SMS Verification Service

SMS verification services are critical for companies that deal with their clients online. Check more on the service below and automate user verification process.


SMS verification service is a tool that helps various organizations to verify an individual’s identity by sending a text message to their mobile devices. The message contains a unique code (usually starting from four digits) that the recipients need to enter into the system to verify their identity.

Such mobile phone verification systems and phone verification services are helpful tools that allow many online websites, banks, social networks, and retail stores to verify the identity of an individual within a minute or two.

The SMS messages generally contain a unique code that an organization sends out to the individual’s mobile device. A phone number authentication may be needed for the service to work properly. After this, the user can send the received code to the organization that requested it. This process is a crucial step when it comes to verifying the authenticity of a user. In a way it adds another layer of security to the procedures between the online platform and the user.

SendSMS Provides Free Test for SMS Verification Services

SMS verification services can be costly. Moreover, it is considered as a drawback for companies and organizations to put their users under some additional costs. This usually wouldn’t be much of a problem when the companies only need to send one or a couple of SMS messages to their users. Although, for example, when a bank sends out an SMS to confirm every deposit, withdrawal, or purchase made via a credit card, that can put the user under some additional costs. This is why being able to test SMS verification service for free is an asset for any company. SendSMS allows you to send up to 30 test verification messages.

SendSMS platform can provide you with such a service. Taking the additional charges off of your consumers’ hands can be a very flattering gesture. This would mean that the phone verification service would be free, hence, the SMS verification service would also be free. You won’t need to worry about putting your users under any additional costs. Owning these SMS verification services at your disposal can help you get ahead of your competition and build customer loyalty by showing them additional respect.

SMS API System and Verification

An SMS API refers to a software integration interface. SMS APIs are considered as links between the SMS communication services and the overall Internet infrastructures. SMS APIs allow us to send and receive short text messages via an SMS gateway directly from the web application. These short messages are sent via an SMS API platform, which provides an interconnection between one platform to another. Similar to phone number verification, SMS verification services can be sent through the API platform. SMS API is generally available for HTTP, Java, or PHP. You can integrate an SMS API into your platform to be able to send automated SMS directly from your end without relying on a third-party software or service.

The SendSMS API service will help you to:

Send and receive SMS in various formats.
See the recipient respond without any password authentication.
Make SMS messages personalized.
Check the status of all your messages.

SendSMS is a reliable and fully-scalable SMS API service provider that offers seamless integration of functional SMS API, mobile phone number verification API, and SMS verification service API. For all SendSMS partners who’d like to make use of this service, it is possible to send automated SMS messages easily and directly from their own platform using API services.

Who Needs SMS Phone Verification Service

Numerous industries need to use SMS verification services every day. A huge number of websites that deal with SMS marketing or online transactions and various companies might require an SMS verification service for a registration process.


But there are other industries that require the SMS verification to provide their services or authenticate the identity of a user.

For example, banks are known to send verification messages that are critical for their customers’ financial security. This is why they mostly use the best phone verification services.

When a client owns a credit card, they can require the bank to provide them with an SMS confirmation service. Confirmation SMS is then sent to the clients when they make a deposit or withdraw from their account, or make a purchase online or anywhere else.

In addition to that, when users register their phone numbers on a website, they might be requested to verify it by a code sent via SMS. Some websites use an integrated phone number verification software that will send an SMS unique code or a dedicated link to the provided number to confirm it on the website. Such SMS phone verification services are essential for several reasons. By way of example, a client may be locked out of his account, try to recover it, and so on. If the provided number is verified, the website providers can be sure of the user’s identity and send them account recovery instructions directly to their phone.

Cell phone verification services can also be used to verify the user’s identity on some social networks. In this case, verification services prevent the dissemination of fake accounts, which in turn reduces the risks of cyberbullying and fraud crimes.

Similarly, retail stores can also use SMS verification services when trying to access a loyalty program or confirm a coupon/discount. Moreover, if they have a website, they can ask users for their phone numbers during the registration phase. The phone numbers then can go to the marketing department for later SMS marketing campaigns.

The Best Phone Verification Service by SendSMS

SendSMS is an online SMS marketing software that provides business messaging and mass texting services to companies ranging from local businesses to large enterprises. It also offers services to any individual users in any country and allows connecting with their customers and generate new leads.

SendSMS offers a bunch of text message marketing tools, as well as the verification services mentioned above. Those services can help your company to streamline and improve its messaging capabilities. SendSMS can also provide you with:

  • Competitive pricing for SMS verification services
  • Advanced analytics feature for SMS phone verification services
  • Statistics regarding phone number authentication cases and experiences
  • Bulk SMS messaging, which will allow you to send a big number of messages simultaneously to consumers all around the world

SendSMS is an easy-to-use and feature-rich SMS marketing platform that allows you to enhance all of your verification services. If your verification services are up to standard and used correctly, they can give your company the extra edge to stand out among other competitors.

Conclusively, SMS verification services are quite important for many different industries. Some organizations simply require it to confirm the identities of their consumers, while other organizations take full advantage of SMS in order to provide their services. No matter the use, having a properly integrated SMS verification service can be very important as the good little details are always noticeable and appreciated by the consumers.