SMS Verification Service

SMS verification service is critical for companies that deal with their clients online. Check more on how to easily automate the user verification with text message.


SMS verification service helps to verify a user’s identity by sending a unique text message to their mobile phones. The message typically contains a 4-digit code, which users need to enter into the platform to verify their identity.

Test Our SMS Verification Service for Free

Sending SMS verifications is simple and cheap unless the companies need to send only a couple of messages to their clients. Although, for example, when a bank sends out an SMS to confirm every deposit, withdrawal, or purchase made via a credit card, that can be quite expensive.

Testing the our SMS platform can give you a sense of what it looks like without having to spend anything on it. Being able to test phone verification service for free is an asset for any company. We allow you to send up to 30 test messages.


Phone Verification API

SMS API allows the client to send a text message from their platform without any additional tools.

Our SMS verification service API will help you to:

Send SMS in various formats
See the recipient's response
Make messages personalized
Check messages status

Who Needs Phone Number Verification Service

Many industries need to use SMS verification service every day. Websites that deal with online registrations, financial transactions, or sending one time passwords need to verify their users the most. Besides these, there are other cases when SMS verification comes in handy. Banks, for instance, send authentication messages that are essential for customers’ financial security. This is why they mostly use the most trustworthy and authoritative phone verification services. They use an API integration that sends a unique code to the phone number and confirms it on their platform. These kinds of solutions are important for several reasons. For instance, a user, who forgot his account credentials and is out of his account, will need to recover it. Moreover, if the registered number is verified, the website may even send further details for the user to log in.

SMS phone verification service also used to verify the user’s identity on social networks. This way verification services prevent the registration of fake and fraudulent accounts. Similarly, retail stores also use SMS verifications when trying to access a loyalty program or confirm a coupon/discount. Moreover, if they have a website, they can ask users for their phone number on registration. Later they can use those numbers for SMS marketing campaigns and more.

Best SMS Verification Service from SendSMS.Global

SendSMS.Global offers services to individual users and large enterprises across the world, thus helping them connect with their customers and generate leads. Aside from SMS verification services, we also offer a handful of text messaging tools. You can use our platform to complement your marketing strategy and increase sales.

Some of the other advantages of our platform are:

Competitive Pricing
Advanced Analytics
Detailed Statistics

If your verification feature is up to standard and used correctly, it can give your company the extra edge to stand out among competitors. Conclusively, online text verification service is quite important for many industries.

Some organizations only need SMS service to verify the identity of their customers. Meantime, others may need to take full advantage of SMS to provide their services. No matter the use, having a properly integrated SMS verification service can be very critical since customers always appreciate the good little details.