Wholesale SMS

SendSMS offers global coverage with its wholesale SMS platform. As a leading wholesale SMS provider with connections to hundreds of operators worldwide, we provide wholesale SMS services at affordable prices and ensure stability in our work.

SMS messages sent in bulk and in huge volumes monthly (i.e. 10,000 text messages per month) is technically how you can define wholesale SMS. If you are in the process of kick-starting your SMS marketing campaign, selecting a wholesale SMS provider is logically the first step.

The advantage of purchasing wholesale SMS is in its price—the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. Whether you need to buy SMS in wholesale or not completely depends on the size of your business as well as marketing ventures. We recommend that you purchase SMS in bulk when you have a huge contact list and will be sending text messages to them on a regular basis.

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We also recommend wholesale SMS to businesses which send transactional text messages to their customers—in this case it is absolutely necessary to buy SMS messages in bulk because you will be sending a lot of text messages of transactional nature to your clients and purchasing wholesale SMS prevents driving up the costs in addition to saving you the extra trouble of buying SMS messages each time you need them.

Wholesale SMS

Wholesale SMS API

Access all the features and functionality of SendSMS online platform by integrating our wholesale SMS API into your own application or software.

Wholesale SMS Gateway

Send or receive wholesale SMS message transmissions from telecommunications network which are then routed to mobile phone networks.

Wholesale SMS Pricing

SendSMS prices itself in offering the most competitive, yet affordable wholesale SMS pricing. With us, the more SMS messages you buy, the lower the SMS price gets due to our wholesale SMS rates.