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Automate your lead generation and customer retention processes with our advanced SMS marketing solutions. Send your promotional message to your customers in seconds.

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SMS Marketing Platform
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Smart Text Marketing Services

Send a single SMS or benefit from our bulk messaging service by sending reminders, contests, discounts, and other promotional messages. Our messaging service ensures great results and conversion rates for each marketing stage. Use SendSMS.Global comprehensive text service to reach out to your target audience, converting them into customers.

Our Platform Features

Our software contains all bulk SMS features necessary to create an effective campaign:

from bulk import to message scheduling, from ready-made templates to in-depth statistics.

Bulk Import

With this feature, you can import all your contacts by uploading a CSV or an Excel file into our texting platform.


Optimize open and click rates by scheduling your campaigns on our SMS software.

SMS Campaigns

Launch your campaign and manage the whole process using our SMS sender software.


Measure and adjust the effectiveness of your text campaigns with detailed reports.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is one of the mobile marketing channels which is the practice of sending promotional text messages to potential and existing customers. Mobile text marketing delivers messages on the latest updates, time-sensitive offers, product launches and any other form of promotional information. With a simple click, your message can reach a large number of potential customers.

Therefore, most successful businesses regard SMS marketing services as a proven tool to increase revenue and build customer loyalty. It is worth noting that up to 98% of messages are opened. This gives a well-planned messaging campaign a high open-rate compared to email.

What is SMS Marketing?

Effectiveness of SMS Compared to Email

  • Email
  • SMS
The Reason Why Text Message is the Most Direct Way to Connect with Your Customers

No single channel of communication can reach people with the speed and ease that text message can. More than five billion people worldwide have a mobile device, which makes them accessible via SMS at any time. It has limitless reach across the world and unrivaled open rate compared to other channels.

SMS Marketing Best Practices

With almost three decades worth of marketing practice under its belt, there is enough material to identify some of the best practices of SMS marketing. Here are a couple of them that you should keep in mind when designing a strategy.

Keep track of text message regulations in each country you are going to send messages to. This is so you abide by the laws and do not get into legal trouble, not to mention risk appearing as spam.
SMS messages are by design short. So should be your message. A clear and concise text beats a long one any day and holds the attention of the recipient longer.
Try customizing the text messages to appear more personal for each client. This tends to yield better results in the long haul.
Design a creative, yet strong call to action (CTA) in your message. CTA is the desired action you would want your client to take after reading your text message, so design with that idea in mind.


The most important part of business SMS marketing that should never be overlooked is customer consent. No single text campaign can start without having the customer’s consent that they want to join your list. For this reason, a lot of countries have text marketing laws in place which regulate the practice. Said laws, in general, impose rules such as customer consent prior to the message marketing campaign. In addition, they have exact time slots when you can send SMS campaigns and require easy opt-out process.

This ensures that customers—or people for that matter—do not receive spam text messages.

Regardless of where your campaign is, we recommend checking the rules or regulations of SMS marketing laws in that jurisdiction. Here are the basic legal requirements globally:

Privacy and Data Protection

The law is meant to improve the security of storing and transferring customer data.

Consent to SMS Campaigns

A consumer has to provide consent by opting in to receive SMS messages from you or your company.

Message Content

The SMS law states that the content of marketing texts must be appropriate, deprived of offense and harm.

SMS Marketing Examples

SMS Marketing for Restaurants
SMS Marketing for Restaurants

Remind your customers about that special holiday dinner that you will serve with 5% off. Note that among the 18-34-year-old age group, a text is a preferred channel for notifications from businesses. Besides, 83% of millennials open message notifications for 90 seconds. This means that your campaign has got a higher potential for success among millennials.

SMS Marketing for Stores
SMS Marketing for Retail

Let your customers know about your hottest deals. Consumers are more likely to open text messages before any other form of mobile communication. Also, 90% of mobile users check their phones within 3 minutes. These are good indicators that you should be thinking about text marketing services more often.

SMS Marketing for Schools
Text Messaging Service for Schools

Remind all parents about an important event. Considering the fact that 80% of mobile users check for new notifications or messages within 15 minutes of waking up, a message to parents can be a great way to reach them, especially for a quick update or event announcement. What is the best way to notify parents about an important event if not SMS? If you want to do it quickly and effectively, then something as simple as a short message can work wonders!

Our SMS Portal Advantages

SendSMS.Global is an easy-to-use and feature-rich text messaging platform. It helps you unleash the mighty potential of SMS text marketing and gives your company the extra edge to stand out among competitors. Start using our cutting-edge platform now and experience long-term growth with the advantages we offer.

User-Friendly Platform

You will be surprised by how simple it is to access and manage reports, user administration, contacts and text messaging templates in one single platform. Our SMS portal is easy to use and works smoothly on any device.

Awesome Customer Support

Let us show you what great customer service is actually like. Our team of experts is always happy to stand by your side and deliver excellent customer service. Feel free to submit your question anytime and expect a timely answer from our support team.

Competitive Pricing

We deliver value-driven SMS service at relatively affordable costs. Regardless of the size of your business and your budget, we offer bulk SMS price that meets the needs of your business.

Multipurpose Texting Platform

SendSMS.Global mobile messaging platform is perfect for a wide range of purposes. You can send appointment reminders, marketing offers with an all in one, inclusive platform.

Send SMS Worldwide

Reach customers with targeted campaigns anywhere across the globe. Experience text message marketing that is not limited by any boundaries on its way to its audience.

Test for Free Our Text Marketing Platform

As with any other form of marketing, when you are getting started, you may be hesitant of how beneficial SendSMS.Global can be for you. That is why we give you the ability to test our SMS portal for a limited quantity and see how it works. You get all the benefits and features on a free trial and can explore all the endless possibilities of texting.

The test gives you a feel of our texting software without spending money. Additionally, it is an opportunity for you to test the destination routes to see the delivery rate of your messages. If it does not work out for you, no worries. If it does, we’ll be happy to work with you and assist ensure your smooth experience with our SMS platform.

SMS Marketing Platform

I work with many community organizations that require different services. This software assists in creating tailored messages regarding services to organizations based on current needs with ease!

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