About Us

SendSMS.Global represents an online SMS marketing software and provides business messaging and mass texting services to companies ranging from local businesses to large enterprises as well as individual users in any country and gives an opportunity to connect with your customers and generate new leads.

The platform offers various text message marketing tools. Its streamlined interface will help you manage your SMS marketing campaign. SendSMS.Global aims to help companies of any size get in touch with their customer base through an advanced yet simple messaging platform.

Our Mission Statement

We work to enhance the international flow of SMS communication by aiming to connect to most telecommunications operators worldwide and cutting the middleman to provide a direct communication. Having been in the industry for a long time and having worked with a lot of telecom operators, we thoroughly understand how the process of sending an SMS message through multiple operators works.

Hence, we aim to eliminate this multiparty system and make SMS communication more direct for customers, leading to the provision of maximum quality service and cheaper, more affordable SMS pricing. We also believe that doing this will, in turn, facilitate the development and use of SMS marketing, which we are confident to be the marketing tool for the future.

Our Platform

SendSMS.Global gives you an opportunity to use a messaging platform easily without any trouble. By trying our platform you can find out how easy it is to access and handle reports, user administration, contacts and content samples in one SMS marketing platform. Our platform will give you an unparalleled reach to your customers across the world.

Have any questions or enquiries? Do not hesitate to contact our support team. Our experienced technical team will always be happy to support our customers. Feel comfortable to ask your question to our team at any time and rest assured you will get a reply in a short time.

Visit our bulk SMS pricing page to get information about our prices for each country separately (no registration required). With the help of our platform, you can organize the right time for sending your text messages.

SendSMS.Global provides an opportunity to send various types of contents through a single software. You can send promotional messages, reminders or notifications with one advanced SMS platform.

Our Expertise

Regarding international statistics, 75% of people prefer to receive promotions or reminders via SMS texting and not via email. Over 57% of the population use smartphones. More than 60% of customers prefer companies who send them text messages an important piece of stat to bear in mind if you care about the growth of your business.

Point being, start implementing SMS marketing to get a step ahead of your competitors, more than half of which still do not use SMS marketing. Having been in the market for a long time gives us the right and credibility to announce that we are the most trusted company for our clients.

Our results speak for themselves and our numbers back up our claims as all of the sent SMS messages from our platform have been delivered to our clients’ customers.

Our Pricing

SendSMS.Global offers competitive bulk SMS prices for each country separately. By visiting our pricing page you can find out prices without signing up. Texts will cost from 0.004 to 0.104 cents per text depending on which country you want to send SMS messages to.

With our progressive platform, you can easily calculate the price for 100 text messages or, in case of a bigger audience, 1000 text messages. Using SMS marketing for your business will be affordable and will give you noticeable results almost instantly.

Our Support

SendSMS.Global gives you the ability to connect to every single phone all over the world. We collaborate with trustful networks over numerous countries to offer you the best available service possible. We provide our customers 24/7 support. Our team will accept your calls during our business hours (Monday – Friday from 10 AM to 7 PM GMT).