Bulk SMS Features

Free Testing

Test our service’s performance and stability by sending single text messages to a destination of your choice for free.

Mass Texting

Using our service, you can send mass text messages in an instant without any additional hustle. All it takes is a simple click of the button.

Excel Import

Our platform allows you to upload your contact list from an Excel file to our system.


Use this feature to divide your contact list into segments for a targeted marketing campaign.

Message Scheduling

Decide on the timing of your messages and schedule when to send them.

Size Customization

If you have long text messages, split them into multiple parts over different messages.


Want to increase customer engagement through personalized marketing? Use our platform to customize content for each and every one of your client.

Easy Unsubscription

Choose an opt-out keyword that eases the process of recipients unsubscribing from your SMS campaign.

Number Excluding

Block any unwanted number through our blacklist feature and prevent text messages from ever being delivered to those phone numbers.
SendSMS.Global offers you ready-made templates to use for your text messages. Head over to our Templates section to find out more.

Mobile Optimized

In addition to our desktop website, our portal is also accessible through mobile.

Advanced Analytics

With the advanced analytics feature, you can track data regarding your text messages, from when they were delivered to how much customer engagement it had.
SMS API integration is the easiest way to send automated SMS directly from your platform. We have this feature built-in into our platform to make your job easier.