Our Story: Where We Started from and Where We are Now

Our Story: Where We Started from and Where We are Now

We have been a participant of the telecommunications industry for years, and have seen and experienced firsthand how unnecessarily complicated the process of SMS communication is. Through our work with hundreds of telecommunications operators over the world, we noticed that the flow of SMS communication internationally needed a lot of streamlining for end users.

We have since then designed an online software capable of conducting SMS marketing in both big and small scales, and most importantly through direct communication. But we did not stop there. We have been consistently trying to enhance our platform as best as we can not only to meet industry standards but also surpass them and setting the bar high in the meantime.

Our Idea

SendSMS was founded with this idea in mind, to make SMS communication more direct for consumers and cut out all the middleman from the process. We have in addition tried to incorporate as many features and tools for our SMS portal as necessary. From fully customizable messages to advanced analytics, we made sure not to leave out anything fundamentally important. But features alone can only go so far—that is why we designed our portal to be easily accessible for everyone regardless of how tech-savvy they are.

Moreover, right from the start, we strived to provide global SMS coverage for our customers. Every day we try to expand our network of connections worldwide, forming connections with telecom operators from all over the world to ensure we meet our target. And we have thus far been successful in this regard—right now you can send an SMS message to anyone, regardless of their location in the world, through our portal.

Our Customer Service

The core idea we built our platform upon was to provide direct SMS communication for our customers because our philosophy has always revolved around having our customers’ best interests at heart. Providing the best service we can is one of the many key steps we are keen to take in this long undertaking. Additionally, since we value our customers so much, we take customer service very seriously. Hence why our customer support specialists are equipped to handle any customer request or enquiry as well as resolve issues in a fast manner, using their years of expertise in the field.

Our Solutions

We do not try to exclude anyone, or any industry for that matter, from using our services. Marketers, businesses and companies of any scale as well as individual users can use and benefit from our services. We pride ourselves in being inclusive and able to offer our services to just about anyone regardless of their background and geographical location. SMS marketing has been gaining more and more traction ever since mobile devices became popular and now, considering that over half of the global population owns a mobile phone, it has been popular more than ever.

Compared to most forms of communications, SMS marketing has a claim for the most effective one. It boasts the highest open rate among all channels with an impressive 98% rate which, in turn, leads to conversion rates in the range of 30-40%. Couple that with other factors such as affordability and increasing customer engagement, and it is now wondering why it is the preferred channel of communication for most businesses. Having realized the vast amount of potential that there is in SMS marketing, we try to provide a service that best facilitates this channel of communication.

However, we also understand that our customers also care about affordable pricing. Therefore, we do our best to offer the most competitive pricing on the market without compromising the quality of our product and services even a tad bit. SendSMS was founded on the ideals of enhancing SMS communication for the end users by making it more direct and affordable. We are proud to say that we are on our way to accomplish this goal through our continuous effort to better ourselves and our services.

Our News

On Jun 26, 2019 SendSMS was featured in Feedspot’s Top 60 Mobile Marketing Blogs List. Feed Spot is a free online RSS feed reader that also offers business services to marketers from various industries and spheres.

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