Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Service

Check below to learn everything you need to know about bulk SMS service, including its features and benefits.


Bulk SMS refers to sending the same message to a large group of recipients at the same time. Every organization may need to use it to spread different kinds of messages to all of their clients or members in an instant. It makes mass communication easier and much more dynamic. Bulk SMS messaging is a very practical way of reaching out to a group of people in any occasion, from urgent notifications to special offers.

Text message communication is important for every organization. None of the other communication means are as efficient as SMS. This is why bulk SMS texting is a feature that companies of all kinds must have.

Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS service may come handy at any point of organization’s activities. Therefore, it is essential to choose a reliable bulk SMS provider to assist with your needs. Businesses need bulk SMS service to establish a relationship with their customers. Schools need it to spread urgent notifications across to their students, being assured those messages will reach them. Bulk SMS can be useful even for state agencies to spread information efficiently.

Choosing SendSMS as a bulk SMS provider will assure

  • smooth experience with our platform
  • complete delivery rates
  • easy integration with any other platform.

Our Bulk SMS Sender Advantages

Easier Mass Communication

With our bulk SMS platform you can communicate with a large group of people effortlessly in a matter of seconds.

Immense Outreach Within Seconds

Sending bulk SMS messages is the most convenient way of communicating with people. Over 5 billion people around the globe have mobile devices. Not all of them are smartphones, however, all of them can receive text messages. This assures that they will receive and see your message.

High ROI and Conversion Rate

Not only is it cost-efficient to send bulk SMS, but it also guarantees a 98% open rate. No other communications channel is this effective, even with a higher price.

Flexible Customer Segmentation

You can separate your lists and get more personalized with your recipients. Text messages themselves are personal for people. Thus, you can use bulk SMS service to establish a more personal approach to communicating with your clients.

How to Send Bulk SMS Free From Internet to Mobile

You can sign up on SendSMS platform to send free bulk SMS messages from the Internet to mobile. SendSMS gives you an opportunity to conduct tests to see how the platform works. Send an SMS from web to see how it feels to use Bulk SMS features. It will also give you an insight about minor details such as message delivery time, quality and speed of the platform.

Test for Free Our Bulk SMS Sending Software from PC to Mobile

Test bulk SMS for free with SendSMS’ platform. When you first sign up on the platform, you receive credits to check how everything works. It is a chance for you to see both the process of sending bulk SMS and receiving it. You can experience the way your recipient will see the SMS and evaluate your campaign based on that.

Bulk SMS for Business

Bulk SMS is an absolute necessity for any kind of business. Startups need it as an affordable tool to increase their brand awareness and generate leads. Similarly, the more developed businesses can use the bulk SMS marketing channel to increase customer loyalty and conduct various promotions. Bulk SMS campaigns have proven to have outstanding results and high ROI.

Bulk SMS for eCommerce

It is also crucial to have Bulk SMS for eCommerce businesses. Since they are web-based, they need it both for promotional and transactional text messages. Besides, they require phone numbers for registration, which gives them a huge database to conduct effective bulk SMS campaigns such as sending out coupons, promotional messages or personal offers.

Bulk SMS for Restaurants

Bulk SMS campaigns can help restaurants spread the word about themselves. They can tweak with it more than most other businesses. Making special offers an hour before lunch time is a very simple, yet brilliantly working bulk SMS campaign for restaurants. There are many more occasions where bulk SMS texting will be handy for restaurants.

Bulk SMS for Finance and Insurance

Since mobile banking security is based on text messaging, bulk SMS for banks is critical. Besides this, banks can send out promotional messages to increase customer loyalty. Bulk SMS for insurance companies is also a very helpful tool. Both banks and insurance companies have customer mobile numbers database, which makes it easy for them to implement bulk SMS services.

So How to Send Bulk SMS?

Sending free bulk SMS on our platform is very simple. You’ll just need to follow these 6 steps for that.

Step 1: Enter sendsms.global website
Step 2: Click on “Test for Free” or “Sign Up” button on the upper part of the website
Step 3: Enter your details and sign up
Step 4: Once you’ve signed up, you’ll see a space for Sender ID, Recipient and Message. Enter the details accordingly (Note that Sender ID is what the recipient will see in the “From” section when your message is delivered)
Step 5: Compose the Message
Step 6: Click on Send SMS to send the text and you’re done

Bulk SMS Cost

Bulk SMS price is different for each country. If you are interested in exactly how much the cost of bulk SMS is, you probably don’t care for the price per just one message. This is why SendSMS Pricing section displays both, cost per 1 message and cost per 1000 messages for each country. Just choose the country you are interested in and the system will instantly show you the pricing.


Our SMS API is excellent for incorporating with virtually any protocol that you’ll have (e.g. HTTP, SOAP, SMTP, XML). It allows you to send automated text messages from your platform. All you need to do is connect SendSMS’ API with your protocol following the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to your account on SendSMS’ portal
Step 2: Click on the “Connections” button
Step 3: Click on the “Add” button
Step 4: Enter a name for your connection
Step 5: Enter your real source IP address
Step 6: Select the currency
Step 7: Click the “Save Connections” button

You can also find a video tutorial of the process here.

When you add the API connection, you will receive a randomly generated username and password. Pay attention to those details because you will need to use it later on the HTTP template. The template of the system is as follows:


In this template you will need to write

  1. https://bulk.sendsms.global instead of <portal_url>
  2. The originator address for <ani>
  3. Destination number for <dnis>
  4. The text message you need to send for <message>
  5. The credentials that the system provided for<username> and<password>

This template is simple to integrate with any platform that you’ll have. Once you’ve incorporated it, you can send bulk SMS effortlessly from your end. This is especially practical if you don’t wish to send out bulk SMS campaigns manually every time.