HTTP SMS allows you to automate your communication with your customers through text messaging. In other words, it is the connection protocol used in SMS API integration.


In the brink of the technological advancements that change the means of how people live and function on a daily basis: communicate with each other, work, and relax, businesses start to change up their means of operation as well. For some forms of businesses, which we are going to concentrate on today, selling a product or service has become a task that is better achieved through means that very much differ compared to the previous decades. HTTP SMS is one of those means, with the help of which businesses can market themselves or their products/services.

Now before concentrating on HTTP SMS and what that is, it is crucial to learn about SMS marketing in general. SMS or text marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on creating concise and attention-grabbing text messages that will be sent to the target consumers. These text messages are usually designed to inform the user about something or gravitate their attention towards something.

Now, a helpful tool is available on the market that will ease the process of sending these SMS messages. This helpful tool is, of course, SMS API, which can also be referred to as HTTP SMS, since SMS API is available for integration onto an HTTP platform as well as numerous other platforms.

So, SMS API represents a software integration interface in itself. SMS APIs are supposed to connect the SMS communication services with the Internet infrastructures. They allow sending and receiving short text messages using an SMS gateway from the web application. SMS API provides interconnection between various platforms, through which it also sends out short messages. As already mentioned, SMS API in itself supports only HTTP, Java or PHP. You can integrate an SMS API into your platform to be able to send automated SMS directly from your end without relying on third-party software or service.

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The SendSMS HTTP service will help you to:

  • Send SMS in various formats.
  • Make SMS messages personalized.
  • Receive status info for your messages

SendSMS is a tested and fully-scalable SMS API service provider that offers integration of functional HTTP SMS in a seamless fashion. For all SendSMS partners who’d like to make use of this service, it is possible to automate the process of sending text messages directly from their platforms, without any third-party support or additional hustle.

What is HTTP SMS Gateway?

HTTP SMS gateway is a super-fast, secure, reliable, and effective solution. With HTTP SMS gateway you can send SMS messages through all of your business’s desired platforms and channels without limitation. In short, this service manages to combine all of the different systems that are in use, into a single control center.

HTTP SMS gateways give you the easy option to send any sorts of text messages directly from your computers or mobile phones. The only requirement for this service to work is that your developers would need to consolidate the gateway features into your business’s platform, after which you will be able to communicate with your customers without any hussle.

Basically, what a trustworthy HTTP SMS gateway service provider can give you is complete access to API, statistical and analytical data, code libraries and more. With a proper SMS gateway you can establish SMS communication anywhere in the world. The users with roaming capability can also use it as an international gateway as well.

One of the most prominent features of SMS gateway is that it has a feature to be connected with using almost any protocol besides HTTP, for instance, XML, SOAP, SMTP. SMS APIs and SMS Gateways can be integrated with any platform. Moreover, they will make it very easy and quick for businesses to send text messages to a large number of people across the world.

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With SendSMS you can integrate an SMS API into your platform and send automated SMS directly from your end without any third-party software. HTTP SMS, as already stated, comprises a part of that, which means that you can start using this service today.

Conclusively, SendSMS can provide all of the above-mentioned services, alongside all of the benefits that they entail. HTTP SMS API is a great way to start reaching for a bigger audience. And with the chance of trying out the service for free, you really have no excuse to contact SendSMS right now and try out this amazing service.