Mass Text Messaging

Mass Text Messaging

Mass Texting feature allows you to reach out to audiences of any size within seconds. Make your communication more efficient and productive with our Mass Texting Feature.


Mass text messaging—as its name suggests—is a feature that helps to send text messages to larger audiences. It is a useful tool to communicate a message to various recipients at the same time. Mass texting makes it more practical for organizations to communicate with their members or clients.

Organizations can send out mass text messages for promotional campaigns, urgent announcements or any other occasions. This channel of communication is the most effective one, which is why organizations need to acquire one.

Mass Text Messaging Free Test

SendSMS platform allows you to try its mass text messaging service free from the Internet to mobile. You can conduct tests on SendSMS website to see how the platform and its features work. Send an SMS from web to see how it feels to use mass texting features. Once you try SendSMSs services with its free test, you will get a better understanding of specific details such as delivery time, quality and speed of the platform.

Singing up on SendSMS website will allow you to conduct a free test of our mass text messaging service. You will receive credits to send text messages and see how the platform works. You can experience how sending and receiving mass text messages feels.

Our Mass Texting Service Advantages

Customer communication through text messages is crucial for every organization. This is why it is essential to cooperate with the best mass text messaging services. Some of the advantages of choosing the best mass texting services are the following.

High-Efficiency Communication Services

Communication with your customers through a mass texting service is highly efficient. Moreover, it guarantees that 98% of the recipients will open and see your message. This means that you will reduce wasting means. Using a mass text messaging service is the most effective way of communication out of everything accessible, even for a higher price.

Oversimplified Mass Communication

Using our mass text message service will make it easier for you to communicate with larger groups of people. You can effortlessly send out various messages and be sure that all of the recipients will get them. Mass texting service for businesses is an irreplaceable tool in this sense.

Immediate Outreach to Samples of Any Size

Mass text service is the most useful way of conveying a message across large groups of people. Over 5 billion people in the world have access to texting. This increases your chances of reaching your target audience regardless of their characteristics.

Easy to Adjust Different Groups of Customers

Group texting services allow you to divide and classify your database according to your needs. You can take advantage of this feature to group your customers and establish more personal and closer relationship with them.

How to Send Mass Text with Our Platform

Sign up on SendSMS platform to send mass text messages for free. You will receive credits on your balance to check how the mass texting platform works. This is an opportunity to check the procedure of sending texts in mass and the experience of receiving those texts.

Check down to see a step-by-step description of how to send mass text messages from our platform.

Step 1: Go to website
Step 2: Find Test for Free or Free Test buttons on the upper part of the website and click on them
Step 3: Enter the personal details that the system requires for sign-up
Step 4: After you’ve signed up, on the main page of the portal you can see “Sender ID”, “Recipient” and “Message”. Enter those details accordingly (Note that Sender ID is what the recipient will see in the “From” section when your message is delivered)
Step 5: Write the text message
Step 6: Click on “Send SMS” to send the text and the job is done

How to Choose a Mass Texting App

Mass texting apps have the same functions as texting platforms and software do. They help to send the same message to more than one recipient. Just like the software and platforms, mass text messaging apps make mass communication considerably easier and faster. All of those apps by and large have the same features. However, in order to choose the best mass texting app you need to look for one with the following features.

Scheduled Messages

If SMS marketing is your top priority, check that your mass text messaging app has scheduled messages feature included. It is critical to be able to plan your marketing messages beforehand since it saves a lot of time. Scheduling messages also gives you room for reviewing your campaigns for possible errors.

Advanced Analytics

You will want to have advanced analytics to check the success of your campaign. After all, you don’t want to waste your money; you want your mass text messaging app to bring you money. With the help of advanced analytics option you can check the ROI, clicks of your messages, overall effectiveness of the campaign and much more than that.


Keywords are used in text message marketing to receive permission from the user. In short, you just set a keyword for the recipient to reply with and subscribe to your messages. User permission is one of the key components of SMS marketing best practices. This is why it is a must for your mass texting app to include keywords.

These features are essential for every mass text messaging app to work with the highest efficiency. However, besides them, you need to pay attention to a couple of more details as well.

Most apps allow you to conduct free tests and send a certain number of messages. Using mass texting app free trials will give you an overview of what they are like to maintain. It is important to have in mind that they can’t highlight all the advantages and disadvantages at once. Free mass text messaging app trials are more for general knowledge of the product.

Besides using free mass texting app trials, you also need to look for impartial reviews about the app. In-depth research of the product on the Internet will give you all the necessary information, thus making you more prepared to use it.